All backups, one place

A multi-vendor backup portal that allows you to see all of your backup devices and servers from a single dashboard.

CentralPoint Dashboard

CentralPoint integrates with these backup vendors:


Creating multiple emails for each backup is a thing of the past

With little to no setup, you save time and energy when managing your backups. There are no individual PSA integrations - configure it once and CentralPoint takes care of the rest. With an easy-to-install agent, you won't have to mess around with multiple logins.


Confirm and validate your backups

How do you know if your backups have been successful? With CentralPoint, any issues that arise from a bad backup process will send an alert. No longer will a bad backup continue without notice. CentralPoint monitors everything from backups to test virtualization.


Get more from your backup monitoring service

Say goodbye to the days of not having any analytics or reports. With CentralPoint, you can tie tickets to backups and track how much time is being spent on each site. You can prevent bad backups from replicating with alerts, and find problems quickly and easily without hunting down the ticket in your PSA. With remote connections and screenshots directly in CentralPoint, your backup monitoring will be one of the easiest things on your plate.


Visualize your backup issues easily

Not having enough space, RAID controller issues, and no data reporting are all common causes of bad backups. With CentralPoint, you can view the space left and what operating system is running. You can also see how long it's been since the last backup. With everything in one place, you can prevent bad backups from happening and stay ahead of the game.

Backup monitoring, all in one dashboard

Generate Reports

No other competitor can generate time stamps, site information, backup analytics, device statistics, or logs as quickly as CentralPoint.

Minimal Setup

With CentralPoint, there's hardly any setup. Install the agent and you'll be rocking and rolling in no time.


View what's important in just a single glance, and use your time more efficiently and productively.


Don't stress about setting up alerts. Allow CentralPoint to alert you to issues automatically.

PSA Integration

Track how much you spend on certain sites, and create processes much faster than before.

Remote Connections

CentralPoint automatically detects and manages remote connections, like ScreenConnect.


With advanced notification, you're aware of potential issues before they become a big problem.


Don't leave money on the table. Be alerted before agreements expire and renew clients on time.


You have a map of all your sites, so if there's a disaster in the area you can see where you need to focus your attention.

Take control of your backups

Get access to your account after signup.