You could have the brain of Einstein and the creativity of Apple’s entire Product Management team and still not be successful.  If you don’t have the right set of skills to maneuver through the chaos of simply doing business, your know-how of the industry won’t get you very far.  Success requires a vast degree of emotional intelligence to make you productive, less stressed and more adept at handling a variety of public situations.  It requires life skills.

While there are many talents an emotionally intelligent person possesses, here are a few rather important ones to keep you plugging away in the business world.  These skills may be incredibly difficult to learn but their value is immeasurable.

Think positive thoughts.

Positivity may seem like a naïve notion but, if you really think about it, how far is the alternative going to get you?  Not very far at all.

However, this isn’t just about an ‘all-encompassing’ positivity.  More specifically, it’s about positive self-talk.  This is where it all starts.  Not only will positive self-talk build your confidence but it’ll help you cope with stress more effectively and has even been linked to a variety of health benefits.

How far will you go if you don’t even think you can get there?

Ask now, not later.

Many people have a hard time asking for help.  They desperately don’t want to seem incompetent to others.  So, instead of asking for help, they needlessly struggle.  Stupidity is the only word that can accurately describe this.

When you need help and fail to ask for it, your incompetence will be present for everyone to see.  The one thing you frantically tried to avoid.  This wastes time and pulls you away from reality.  No one thinks you are perfect and, more oft than not, are eager to help you.

Imagine the last time someone asked you for help.  Despite how busy you were, there was probably a large part of you that felt really good about yourself.  That’s because when someone asks you for help, what they’re really doing is validating their trust in you—they believe you are intelligent and experienced enough to help.

So, return the favor, and ask for help.  Not only will you receive the assistance you need, but you’ll make a strong connection in the process.

Close your ears.

Working with the same people every day can turn things into gossip central rather quickly.  This wastes time and sucks up resources.  As a result, your work will ultimately take the backseat to Sue’s latest surgery and Bob’s newest hobby.  This behavior encourages stress and, unfortunately, creates enemies out of colleagues.

Close your ears to productivity leeches and start redirecting your energy to something a little more fruitful.