Foundation. This means different things to different people and industries, however the basic definition is all the same. Think about the foundation of a house or a building, in general. Foundation means underlying basis, principle, or lowest load-bearing part. Basically your foundation is what you use to build upon; homes and buildings, makeup, and information/study. But what about the building blocks of you as a person? How about the building blocks of your business? Now let’s fast forward to March, this is exactly what we will be covering at our Foundations Academy. Take a deep dive into the BDR and learn all about how and why this is a non-negotiable for any and all managed services agreements. You’ll not only learn why this is important, but also how to market a backup disaster recovery solution, how to pique curiosity by hosting a BDR lunch and learn, then how to sell and close the deal.

Learn all about the hiring process- from techs, to sales, to managers and executives. We’ll discuss the areas that were critical to the success of ARRC Technology while on its path to becoming a Master MSP. Not only will you get the key roles, but you will learn all about company culture and ways you can improve on what you currently have. You’ll hear about the DISC Assessment and what this could mean to not only your Staff, but how it could change your company culture as well! The DISC Assessment has made a night and day difference with our MSP, ARRC Technology and CharTec as well.

If you became a new CharTec member within the last 12 months, or have a new employee that has just been hired, we highly recommend this Academy! You’re sure to leave this academy with the tools to build a strong foundation for your business.  Don’t wait, register here!