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BDR Axcient Replibit Software from CharTec

Buy this BDR Axcient Replibit Software. Replibit is a very reliable brand. Buy your Replibit BDR data protection software from CharTec, today!

2TB Cloud included

Axcient Replibit High Level Overview

Axcient Replibit is an Image-Based backup and disaster recovery solution with an integrated virtual machine hypervisor, and a native off-site replication engine designed to ensure robust protection of your customers’ data during the most severe site disasters.

Replibit is licensed and delivered as a Channel-Only, Managed Services solution, available only to registered Axcient Replibit Partners. Partners can use the product to deliver a custom-branded Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution, as part of an overall Managed Services business platform.

Axcient Partners use Replibit to provide their Customers with an on-site Backup and Disaster Recovery platform, enabling instant recovery via on-appliance virtualization. The Replibit product provides a built-in replication engine to automatically transport every backup of your Protected Systems to the Axcient Enterprise Storage Cloud or your own Datacenter.

The Axcient Cloud allows you to effortlessly scale from terabytes to petabytes, with 24/7 critical business support, and includes free shipment of USB storage devices to manage base system image seeding.

In addition to providing turnkey Replibit Vaults for off-site replication, and a Replibit Global Management Portal virtual machine, you also have access to the Axcient Continuity Cloud to provide your customers with dedicated IaaS hardware in the event of a site disaster. The Axcient Continuity Cloud provides fast, off-site virtualization of your replicated servers and networks to restore your customers business critical systems when they need it most.

Axcient Replibit is a BDR solution that is best described as an, “All-in-one Business Continuity Platform” for MSPs.


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