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Backup and Disaster Recovery for Managed Service Providers

Backup and disaster recovery is a must. Chartec is a leading provider of DRaaS. CharTec provides a secure, fast, monitored, and continuous backup of your data. The data restoration we provide has a quick recovery window, and it is supported through a cloud-based architecture. We replicate and host your data on physical and virtual servers as a fail-safe in the event of a man-made or natural disaster. Chartect offers a reliable BDR DRaaS solution that will best suit your company’s needs. We can provide a BDR solution scaled to your small, medium, or large business.

Chartec’s DRaaS Solution Benefits MSPs

Chartec’s DRaaS solution will bring you peace of mind knowing that you can focus on the services you provide your clients. Rest assured, your clients’ data is protected from data loss due to service outages, hardware failure, or cyber-attacks. Your company will not suffer loss of productivity or profit due to any of the potential risks associated with data-loss. As a managed service provider, you know first-hand you need a backup and disaster recovery plan. Without a backup and disaster recovery plan in place, you might find yourself spending one-to-ten hours recovering from one of these disasters. That lowers your productivity and takes time away from focusing on the service you provide your clients. Stop wasting valuable time on manual work-arounds that likely cost you more time and money than it would had you chosen Chartec’s backup and disaster recovery service plan. Protect yourself and your clients from the same. Chartec provides reliable data protection software Replibilt and ShadowProtect. Both, which are very well respected in the technical community.

Chartec Backup and Disaster Recovery Engineers and Sales Professionals By Your Side

Chartec has professional BDR representatives who are ready to help. They will analyze your company’s security planning needs so you are never paying for more equipment or software than you need. However, you may already know exactly what you need. If so, feel comfortable selecting from any of the below BDR equipment. But just know, Chartec’s professional BDR engineers and sales team are available to help. Feel comfortable contacting us with any questions or if you require any additional information.


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