We talk with MSPs and salespeople all day, every day, and we’re hearing two very distinct choruses: “Everything is dead. People are starting to come back to work, but everybody is afraid to buy.” OR “Man, things are crazy. We have 20 projects backed up. This is an exciting time in IT!” If you’re in the first group, you’re probably asking yourself, “What are those successful MSP salespeople doing and how can you join them?”

We have a few ideas, so read on!

  1. Talk to current clients. Successful Managed Service Providers are using this time to expand their footprint with current clients offering technology upgrades like VoIP, or creating remote-friendly offerings. VoIP is particularly successful right now because businesses are ruing the bill they’re receiving for the phones that have been lying dormant on desks while their employees have been working remotely. Now may also be a good time to talk about refreshing equipment. Companies recognize that the work-world is completely changing and they need to be prepared with more agile options. Now is the time to reach out, acknowledge that you understand the need to transition and be part of the solution.
  2. Make your follow-up calls. One of the cornerstones of our MSP Marketing program is tracking lead scores and following up when a lead reaches over a score of 30. This means that the prospect has been interacting with your blogs, emails, and website enough that they’ll have a clue who you are when you call. They may not be ready for an appointment, but you’ll have a much better shot at getting through the gatekeeper if you follow these two commandments:
    a. Actually make the call. I don’t care if you think the lead is way out of your league, not really interested, just scrolling about for their own health, or whatever other excuse you might make to not pick up the phone and call them. Pick up the phone and dial. Then, do it again. We recommend a three by three cadence. Three calls, three voicemails/follow-up emails.
    b. Use a script. Have a plan when you call. Our program allows you to see exactly what people were clicking on, which provides a legitimate reason to call. Take this one step further by using the tailor-made script for that topic available on CORE. You’re not calling to shoot the breeze. You’re calling to meet their interest without creepily announcing that you know what they’re interested in.
  3. Share your expertise. While networking meetings are pretty dead in the water right now, Chambers are hungry for content, particularly business training that helps their members get through these times. We have done two webinars recently that Chambers across the nation have eaten up: 5 Ways to Work through COVID-19, and The State of Small Business: Where Do We Go from Here. These weren’t overtly salesy, but provided an opportunity to add people to our database, share expertise, and show the community that we’re here to support.
  4. Improve your internal operations. A little internal clean-up is never a bad thing. I met with an MSP yesterday that said they were actively working on 22 projects. They fell behind because they couldn’t go onsite for a couple of months are now trying to catch up with a reduced staff. This is the story of a lot of MSPs out there. Use this time to make yourself more efficient. Not effectively utilize the Projects module in ConnectWise? Fix it. Not successfully tracking activities/opportunities and allowing deals to fall through the cracks? Implement new standards. Is the Technology Business Review process a pipe dream? Not anymore. Not sure if your existing agreements are profitable? Join our webinar.
  5. Invest in training. If you’re not getting appointments or closing deals, there is something wrong with what you’re doing. Sure, the economy isn’t great right now; but your competitors are killing it, and you can too. Time to invest in some training. Start with the video courses available on CORE, register for our upcoming September Academy with a Sales track focusing on prospecting, take a deeper dive at our Virtual Sales Summit happening in August, or make the ultimate leap with our intensive Sales Lab or Premium Sales programs. The information is available. It’s time to consume it!   

You’re welcome to wallow through these times and ride them out. Just know that your competitors aren’t doing that, and you run a serious risk of falling behind. In this time of crisis, many small businesses are closing. Don’t be one of them. We’re here to support and help you all that we can. Act!