Send Your Staff to CharTec Academy

The Academy is for Everyone at Your Company!

From dispatcher to CEO, all employees benefit from attending CharTec Academy. Many of our most successful Members utilize Academy as the highlight of onboarding a new employee, so that they can see what you’re working toward with your MSP practice.

We guarantee your staff is going to come back with ways to improve your business. More importantly, they will come back excited excited to work for you, excited to be in the industry, and excited to make changes! 

Whether you attend with your employee or send them on their own to Bakersfield, someone at your organization needs to be at the next Academy. We cover sales, marketing, and operations on all three days of all of our Academy, so there will ABSOLUTELY be relevant content for your team member. If a session doesn’t suit their fancy at any point, they are free to join the staff at our MSP for Keys to the Castle time. They can shadow, ask questions, and chat with other people that are doing the job that they do on daily basis.

March 11-13
Come to Our Next Academy!
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Here are the top 5 reasons you need to send your staff to the next Academy: 

  1. MSP-Specific Training:

    Let’s face it. Training options are a dime a dozen, but how often can you walk into a company that would be your competitor (if they were in your geographic market) and ask them any question that you have? We don’t sling generic sales, marketing, and operations content. We have all worked in an MSP and can connect with every specific job role. You won’t have to wonder whether your team member is going to get anything relevant out of the training. Everything we teach is 100% relevant to your MSP business.

  2. ROI > Cost:

    Sure. It’s a little bit of a hike (and expense) to get to Bakersfield, CA. You may even have to send your employee on a plane with a few chickens, but if they can close one deal, get one whale to answer your marketing message, or improve the profitability of one client – we guarantee that will pay for your trip to Academy. Wash-rinse-repeat and you’ll make more money than you ever thought possible.

  3. Peer Connections:

    At CharTec Academy, we don’t just plop attendees in a room all day and drill information into their heads. One of the most valuable aspects of Academy is connecting with peers that are facing the same challenges. Your staff can sit knee to knee with other dispatchers, service managers, marketers, and salespeople. They’ll brainstorm together, solve problems together, and all be a little bit better at their jobs because of it.

  4. Gain mentors and friends:

     Just like any CharTec Member, your staff can contact us at any time to help you with anything that you need. We will gladly respond. We have to tell you, though, there’s just something special about those people that have made the trip to Academy. Building that relationship puts a soft spot in our hearts, not to mention gives more people at your company a direct, personal connection with the experts. There’s something to be said about sharing a meal that brings you closer.

  5. Academy is Included in Your Membership: 

    If you’re not taking advantage of sending someone to every Academy, you’re really missing the boat. Unlimited tickets to Academy are included in the Membership price. All you have to do is buy a ticket on the plane, train, or automobile that can get you through our doors. If travel costs are an issue, we suggest flying into LAX or Burbank airports, and hitching a ride with another CharTec Member headed our direction (just post in our Facebook Group that you need a lift – preferably long before you actually get on the plane). Once you get someone to Bakersfield, we have relationships with several local hotels that will keep your costs down!

Don’t Take Our Word For It:

“I was so blown away by the quality of people and level of training that I sent my office admin/dispatcher here the next month. She came back to the office a totally different person with a much better perspective on exactly what we do and should be doing as a company!! I’m here this week for the 2nd time. It’s even more spectacular than the last time!! The people are wonderful. Alex and Nick are amazing trainers!!!” Eddie Van Hartman.

“Not going to Academy will set your business back 6 months. What you learn today will drive your business now. You can’t afford NOT to go,” Buffy Francis.

“If you’re in the MSP Business, you need CharTec in your life. Alex and the team he has built are by far the best in the business, and I have so enjoyed learning from them over the past couple years.” Grace Morris.

“After just day 1 at CharTec Academy, I have so much amazing stuff to take home! I can’t wait to share the knowledge and start to really get to work.” Tracy Valkyrie.

Far exceeded all my expectations! Covered a lot, but now there’s even more to learn.” David Watson.

“I can’t say it enough, Alex and his team are some real-life rock stars! Thanks for the life changing experience!” Mallory Crutcher

The Academy Experience


2020 Academy Schedule

May 11-15, 2020 (VIRTUAL ONLY)

September 16-18, 2020 (VIRTUAL ONLY)

December 2-4, 2020 (VIRTUAL ONLY)