Having a charge over daily Administrative Functions of a Managed Services Training Company, allows me to have several opportunities to see things, differently.

I see where things go well, and where things need improvement.  Further, having the ability to work with Business Owners from all points of the world instills a keen awareness of how any minor struggle in the workplace can be either mitigated or exacerbated; by how an organization reacts.

So how does a company, regardless of size or experience- achieve stability in the ‘day to day’?  Believe me, it is possible- as I’ve seen it.  It stems from understanding an eight letter word, which can either ‘make’ or ‘break’ your wildest dreams of success.

That word is: Optimize.

Right now, I want you to look that word up.  Seriously…  Stop reading this, and Google it.  For those that don’t take direction well, Click HERE.

Now that you’ve read the definition;  become the living example of that definition.  KNOW what it takes to really.. Optimize.  At home, in traffic, on the phone, at your desk, with clients and in managing your business.

You need to learn and make a habit out of doing the best with everything you have, at the time you need to execute.   Corporate growth isn’t dictated by your ability to infuse capital at the perfect time, rather it is defined by how you use the resources you already have- to the MAX!  Here’s the kicker, chances are- you’ve already known what ‘Optimization’ is like.  You just didn’t know it.

When you throw a ball, you give it everything you’ve got.  You don’t hold back, because you don’t play in the Major Leagues.  You decide at that moment, “I’m going to launch this baby into orbit!” and then… Whoosh.  You chucked that ball, to the best of your ability- and let it fly.  That. Is. Optimization.

Apply the same principle to your business.

Don’t get in the habit, of half using your resources, because you’re training yourself in a dangerous behavior.  Think of it.  You’re allowing yourself to hold back your own potential, right at a critical time.  You are deliberately choosing to do half as well as you could.  When you are capable of putting in 100% effort, and letting the chips fall where they may!

Start approaching tasks in an “Optimization” mode.  Instead of saying, “I don’t have the fancy car to drive to my Sales Appointment.”  Instead, approach it as “I’m washing that heap and going to earn my next car with this appointment and the one right after!”

Optimization requires a cognitive decision.  Either you choose to WANT to be better and find out what you’re REALLY capable of, or you can choose to stay right where you are.  Without risk, and without reward.

Now, if you want to self-check your Optimization Ability, click HERE.  The 15 minutes you invest into an honest assessment, will give you a year of growth opportunity- that you can use to make a more optimal version, of you.  Think of it as Version, You Point Two.

Remember:  There is no room at the top, for those that want to be there.  Only room for those, who earn it.