“For a while, the market for MSPs has been very rich and people have gotten away with a lot. As the market gets more and more competitive there are bigger and smaller players who are beginning to utilize automation to gain an advantage.”

This quote comes from Dan Martin, CharTec’s new Director of Operations. Dan has been involved with Chartec’s Operations for years, and he brings many more years in MSP experience with him. Known as the “Hat Guy”, many of you have spoken with him at our Academy events. We recently had a chance to sit down with Dan and ask him about automating operational processes, and where he feels automation will advance to in the future. Read what he has to say and we’re sure you’ll learn a few things from Dan’s wealth of knowledge.

“We used to be able to get away with not being 100% efficient, but today we don’t have a choice if we are going to maintain our competitive edge. I think the sooner someone automates the better off they are. The problem is it’s really difficult for smaller MSPs to be able to leverage the cost appropriately.

With automation you can greatly reduce your costs; your largest costs, the employee cost, that technician time where you’re doing things over and over again, multiple times. We’ve got a rule now: if you have to do something twice, it needs to be automated.

One of the things that we’ve found for us here at CharTec is that even though we’ve got all the tools in place we’ve found that there are things that we could have done better. One of the advancements we’ve made is we’ve partnered with PICON Designs to enable us to really take advantage of our automation tools. PICON had come to us a while back at one of our Academy’s and I was super impressed with their expertise and knowledge of how automation is supposed to work. By partnering with them, we get the benefit of a true expert that MSPs usually can’t afford until maybe they’re at the 15 to 20 user mark. Now, somebody with a couple of employees can take advantage of the full power of automation at a fraction of the cost.

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