Promoting your MSP and standing out from your competitors can be tricky, particularly when your target audience may not have a strong grasp of the technical side of your work and how you can help them.  A multipronged approach to marketing is ideal, but if you want it to be effective, you need to make sure you’re using video marketing for MSP. 

Many MSPs avoid video altogether. Some common reasons include not knowing what to say, feeling uncomfortable in front of the camera, or not having the right equipment. However, video content is one of the best ways to personalize and sharpen your brand and explain complex services, which can lead to increased conversions.  

Raising brand awareness in video marketing for MSP

First, to be successful with video, you need to know your brand. You’ll need an idea of what it is you want to show your audience. Many MSPs are small operations – sometimes just one or two people – and your brand is essentially you. Get started by marketing yourself and getting your image out there so people can put a face to your business. Using yourself as a point of contact gives your prospects something to relate to.   

Focus on branding yourself as an expert in the field and the go-to name for solving problems. Video marketing for MSP is a very effective means of doing this because it allows you to tell your story. For example, you can talk about how you got started, why you love managed services, and what you offer that your competitors do not. With video, you can show off your skills and focus on the areas of your expertise.  

According to CharTec’s official videographer, you should use this medium to talk about the solutions you offer that help small businesses. For example, you might share success stories of specific instances when your skills have helped someone avoid disaster, keep their business open, or raise revenue. 

Showing your audience who you are 

Keep in mind that part of your brand as an MSP is your personality. Videos are ideal for displaying your personal impact on your business. It lets you make a far more personal connection with your audience than written content. Think about the people who post videos regularly on your social media accounts. You might not know these people, but you probably feel like you know a little about them. And you have definitely formed an opinion about them.   

Getting into the video mindset 

To get started, get into the habit of shooting videos regularly. Talking to a camera does not come naturally to most people, so you’ll probably need a little practice. When you’re first starting out, ask someone for feedback before posting a video and start video marketing for MSP. Whether it’s a coworker, partner, or friend – to be sure you are on the right track.  

To make sure you come across as an expert, so practice before posting videos. Sound confident and knowledgeable. You can speak directly to the camera or interview guests; it doesn’t need to be a fancy production with bells and whistles. What’s important is you get comfortable with video marketing for MSP.    

Video marketing for MSP is surprisingly affordable  

You can create a YouTube page for your MSP for free and upload as many videos as you want. Then, you can share those links with clients and use them as a part of marketing campaigns through emails, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many other platforms.  

When you’re shooting videos, you’ll need to pay attention to factors such as lighting and audio quality in video marketing for MSP. Thankfully, these are not complicated or expensive to get right and make your videos appear far more professional. 

Editing is another aspect of making videos, but don’t be intimidated – many computers come equipped with free editing software, like iMovie on Macs and Movie Maker on PCs. These work incredibly well for your purposes, so you won’t need to invest heavily in this area. 

Keep in mind that you always have a camera in your pocket if you carry a cell phone, which means you can shoot video anywhere you go – it’s just a matter of getting it done.  

CharTec’s Marketing Director, Brandi Reed, says that her investment in videos has been no more than $550. When shooting videos, she uses a few pieces of equipment regularly. Video accessories make recording videos much smoother. However, when you’re beginning with videos, you can get a small tripod and ring light for around $50. There’s no need to break the bank on video, and the rewards can be significant. 

If you want your MSP to stand out, you need to go all-in on videos. You will be uncomfortable at first, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you can adapt. The investment is low, the learning curve is minimal, and the rewards are potentially quite generous, so there’s no reason not to start putting video to work for your MSP right away. Contact us if you need help with setting up your video marketing for MSP.