You’ve heard it plenty of times: MSP video marketing is needed to be successful.  

You understand that it can increase your exposure significantly, raise brand awareness and build trust. And while you certainly wouldn’t mind getting a few extra customers, you just haven’t given it a try yet.  

Perhaps you’re not sure where to begin, or you’re so camera shy that you’ve decided you’ll cross your fingers that you can stay competitive without doing it.  

We’ve heard all the excuses at our CharTec Academy.  And the truth is that almost everyone you see marketing with videos had many of the same fears and reservations as you do, but they took the plunge because the evidence in favor of the effort is so compelling. Everything is online now, so few people have the patience to sit down and read text all day. If you’re not taking video marketing seriously, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.  

Here’s a quick look at some of the top things that are holding people back from unlocking the success that awaits with MSP video marketing and a few counterpoints to each one. We’ll also talk about a few of these concerns in greater depth.   

I’m not comfortable in front of the camera! 

This excuse is probably the biggest reason we hear, and even some seasoned video marketers acknowledge it can be intimidating. It is just a matter of jumping right in and practising. Practice talking in front of the camera, record yourself and play it back, and you’ll get used to it. The more you do it, the more confident you’ll be.  

There’s no magic involved, but there are a few ways you can make it easier. For example, you can find lighting and camera angles that make you look and feel your best in MSP video marketing, and you can edit your video to include some slides and graphics, so you’re not on camera every second. And try to relax; while you don’t want to get into the habit of doing too many takes, keep in mind that you can always start over if it’s disastrous. 

I don’t have the right equipment for MSP video marketing. 

If you have a cell phone, you already have the most important piece of equipment you need: a video camera. Adding lights and maybe a better microphone will make your videos look more professional. The investment is minimal in MSP video marketing. 

CharTec Marketing Director Brandi Rogers says that you can get away with spending less than $50 to start. A small tripod and round ring light are enough to do the trick. If you become more serious about it, you might want to invest in a stabilizer and a lapel microphone since these items are also affordable.  

I don’t know what I’d say! 

A big part of what you say needs to be your story because this is what will help people connect with you. Brandi suggests answering questions like what inspired you to get into IT, how you started your MSP video marketing, and what you specialize in. This part of your business can form the basis of your first video. Talk about pain points, relating them to your business as well as your audience. You want to appear knowledgeable, but coming across as too much of a know-it-all will backfire, so don’t be afraid to talk about mistakes you’ve seen people make. These will help you relate better to your audience.  

Brandi also suggests thinking about who you want your ideal client to be and speak to them directly rather than trying to appeal to everybody. Once you’ve explained who you are, your videos should focus on educating people. Try to be helpful, and show people how you can solve their problems. You can do short demos on topics like security awareness training or phishing scams, for example. Aim for around three minutes – you’ll be surprised how quickly you can fill them up!   

I’m not sure what to do with it.  

This excuse is probably the worst excuse there is to avoid MSP video marketing. You will get so much mileage out of these videos that you will wish you had started earlier.  

You’ll use your video content to take advantage of marketing opportunities through platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and email marketing campaigns. When you use the word “video” in an email subject line, your click-through rate will be higher, which means a lot of potential exists.    

Another thing you’ll want to do is caption your videos. This option is useful because some people watch videos with the sound turned down until something catches their attention and because you can use the captions to create a transcript using an inexpensive tool. You can then send these transcripts to your content writer and have them form the basis of blog posts that you can use to promote the video and your MSP.  

I don’t have time for MSP video marketing! 

Running an MSP keeps all of us busy all the time. There’s no getting around it. The return on the time you invest in video marketing can be very significant, so it’s worth pushing other tasks further down your list to make room for it. A busy person needs to prioritize everything, and MSP video marketing is worth the sacrifice.  

Keep in mind that it will take a lot more time when you first get into it, but once you’ve established a good rhythm, you’ll be able to churn these videos out and promote them across various platforms so much faster.  

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