Here’s what you can expect:

Results-Proven Strategies

Inspirational talks are great, but they don’t always teach you what you need. Grow, scale, and sustain with our results-proven strategies.

Industry-Leading Training

We’ve been in the industry for close to 3 decades. We understand the problems, and we’ve pioneered the solutions. Attend Academy to gain the premier MSP training.

Nation-Wide Networking

Don’t build alone. Grow your network and personally connect with like-minded industry leaders from across the country.

Address Weaknesses, Leverage Strengths.

We get it, businesses aren’t identical. In the same way, the problems each ones face can be unique. Academy gives you access to our team of expert staff to ask specific questions about your specific needs. This doesn’t only include Sales, but it also includes HR, Accounting, Administration, Marketing, Project Management and more.

“Not going to Academy will set your business back 6 months. What you learn today will drive your business now.”

Buffy Francis

Head of CAP Development at Technology Assurance Inc.

Get Ready for Quality MSP Training!

December 8th and 9th, 2021




  • Video Content: Video marketing is the number one online gold mine right now. Learn how to dramatically increase email and social engagement with videos.
  • Cell Phone: You don’t need special equipment to make quality online content? Learn to use your cell phone for most video content creation and more!
  • Content Creation: Walk away with a Video Strategy Guide and learn how to repurpose your content to save you time and money.
  • No Cold Calls: Attract WARM clients, already looking for service. No more time-wasted calling a bunch of leads that don’t even need your service to begin with!
  • Skyrocket Lead Generation: Learn how our MSP Grads increase their leads by 40%+ on average!
  • Increase Web Traffic: No need to spend hundreds on paid advertising. Increase your web traffic organically with these proven strategies.
  • Marketing Strategy: Walk away with a seamless and proven marketing strategy that is effective and efficient.
  • Book Appointments: Find prospects and book more appointments without wasting your time making cold calls.
  • Charge More: Did you know there is a way to earn much higher margins with each sale? Discover the best upsell opportunities and how to land them.
  • Increase Reoccurring Revenue: Increase recurring revenue without the pressure of adding new clients to meet your financial goals.
  • Dealing with the Gatekeeper: Learn communication strategies to get your prospects interests and move beyond the Gatekeeper.

  • Proven Methods: Learn the process. Walk in with a presentation that has a 70% close rate!
  • Dealing with Objections: Learn how and when to address common objections before the prospect brings them up.
  • Close Better, Faster!: Achieve a 70+% close rate while reducing your sales cycle by 50%. (Make more money, save more time!)
  • Logistics: We want to show you the best way to keep track of your technicians and their sales zones. Never guess what is going on or needs to be done.
  • Books: Simple strategies to keep your books organized and up to date.
  • Motivation: Understand what motivates technicians and how to keep them on track with their projects and tickets.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

This upcoming Academy will be from Wednesday December 8th to Thursday December 9th.


Begin your registration by clicking one of the “Reserve My Spot” Buttons on the top or bottom of the page. Members: Navigate to the CharTec member registration page and fill out the corresponding form. Once completed, someone on our team will reach out to you to formally confirm your registration and help you with logistics. Non-Members: Navigate to the non-member registration page and fill out the corresponding form. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

If you are a CharTec content or premium member, you have full access to all Academy’s completely free. If you are a CORE member, you have access to one on-site Academy each year. Once you submit your form, we will confirm/discuss your ticket once we make contact. For non-members, Academy is $199 for full access to both days.

In order to qualify for prize giveaways, you must be present to win.

Members: It’s Free! Non-Members: You will have the option the ability to pay on the formal registration form.

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