(Hardware as a Service) What is HaaS by CharTec?

Get the hardware you need to land more profitable agreements and start projects sooner.

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Why HaaS with us?

We think HaaS is a great solution for any MSP. But why HaaS with CharTec specifically? Here’s why.

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It can be hard to get the equipment you need due to large upfront costs. But with us, this isn’t the case. Get the hardware you need, start your project, & worry about money later.

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As a small business, you don’t always have the people you need to get the job done. HaaS with us and all hardware you request is delivered to you. Ready to go from the inside-out.

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It’s always a plus to see something from multiple angles. Our engineers can help you piece together agreements - from the dollar amount to the technical specifications.

So how does all of this HaaSing go down?

It’s all very simple, actually. It’s ike pushing the easy button.

Step 1

Tell us what you need.


Already know what you want? Search our catalog. Build your order. Finalize the details. Not sure what you need? Send a message. Receive advice from a qualified engineer. Finalize the details.

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Step 2

We build what you need.


Once your order is finalized, we’ll start on it right away. We’ll build your equpiment to your specifications, both internally & externally. And if you want, we can even private label it for you.

Step 3

Receive your hardware.


In most cases, you’ll receive your order in 7 days or less. In all cases, your equipment will be ready to go from the inside-out - all the pieces you need with all the software you want. In other words, all you have to do is plug it in.

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Step 4

Something go wrong?


If something goes wrong with your equipment later down the line, that’s no problem. We offer a no-questions-asked RMA policy. Fill out an RMA request, and we’ll ship your part next-day air. Guaranteed.

Let's HaaS it out together

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