When technology is running smoothly, life is good. When technology fails, then the sh*t hits the fan! As an IT support company, you live in the chaotic world of repairing broken technology, and you have developed a coolness under pressure that assures a client the problem will be fixed. Don’t take your composure for granted, it is a great marketing tool!

This cooler-heads-will-prevail angle works by marketing your managed IT service as a one-stop solution for technology problems. Business owners without an IT department will love this. Anybody who has tried to fix broken technology on their own is familiar with the stress caused when morons are brought in to “help.” Lots of time can be wasted, several employees may get yelled at, and many throats will be choked. Position yourself as the peacemaker by giving everybody “one throat to choke.”

Business owners will understand what you mean by this, and hopefully not take your offer literally. Your ability to coordinate vendors and make sure a fix happens is a sensible solution to a chaotic problem. In one sense, you are the lead throat-choker. Because you are in control, you will choke the throats of as many vendors as it takes in order to get a client’s problem resolved.

It doesn’t matter if there is an issue with the copy machine, phone system, business applications, internet service provider, or even with the company that maintains a client’s website; if there is a vendor that deals with it, you are in control and can coordinate a fix. Because you have a relationship with the vendors, you know how to work them to guarantee a fix. You can control the situation so that you, your preferred vendor, and your client all gets what they want–everybody wins!

Managing vendors puts you in control of the money flow. You make the arrangements and send in your favorite vendors, this makes sure that you get a piece of the action. From your perspective, this is as easy as printing money. As a bonus, the longer you maintain a relationship with the client, the more old vendors that you can switch out for your new ones–talk about easy revenue!

Your vendor experience is way more effective than a client having to wade through a sea of red tape. Including vendor management services adds incredible value to your MSP sales offering, and your client’s throats will love you for it!