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Academy Sessions

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CharTec Sessions for December 5th – 7th, 2018

Sales Sessions

by: Alex Rogers

Join everyone in the Main Training Room for the very first Academy session and discover what to expect for the next three days of intensive MSP training.

by: Nick Points

Identify the key elements that will help you build or perfect a more profitable agreement, and discover how your offering can enhance your competitive edge.

by: Alex Rogers

The number one thing our Members struggle with is pricing. Per user? Per endpoint? Server pricing? Desktop pricing? Vendor management? Gross margin? Unlock the keys to successful pricing during this session.

by: Nick Points

Whether you are looking to hire your first Sales Professional or grow your Sales Force, there are five leadership blunders you can make that will cripple your sales efforts, cause turnover, restrict growth and profitability!

by: Nick Points

Before you set foot in a prospect’s office, there are a few things you need to have lined up. Are you using killer filler words to complete your sentences? Are you armed with global questions to carry on the conversation? Do you have simple diagnostic questions lined up that will cause the prospect to open up?

by: Nick Points

Closing the first appointment requires a whole lot more than you might think. Let us show you how to perfect your technique to get your foot in the door for that Discovery.

by: Nick Points

The Discovery is one of the most important elements of the Sales Process. Let us teach you how to dive a little deeper, and you’ll be one step closer to winning every presentation.

by: Alex Rogers

Understand how to effectively pitch your presentation and overcome common sales objections in the process.

by: Alex Rogers

Not all salespeople are created equal. How can you weed out the wannabes from the super stars? There are many things you need to do to find out if they’re serious candidates and can bring in the revenue you want. Once you’ve got them, see what it takes to not only keep them, but inspire them.

by: Alex Rogers

Current customers are your best pipeline for future sales, including increasing their agreements and introducing new products. Utilize these best practices to make sure that you’re not like the cable companies, getting customers in on a slick deal and then raising their rates without increasing the value.

Operations Sessions

by: Rex Frank, Dan Martin, Kelsey Zeiders

When you first start your business you accept tickets any way they come in – cell phone, web submission, email, carrier pigeon. You can give your customers a lot of love this way, but it’s not scalable. When is it time to add a dispatcher to the mix? Who should that person be? Can it be a joint role? A longtime ARRC Service Coordinator will provide the tricks of the trade.

by: Rex Frank & Dan Martin

How well do your techs track their time? Is it an act of God to get them to enter their time on tickets? Are you in a state where you can pay based on time entry, or are you stuck feeling like real-time time entry is a pipe dream because it’s unenforceable. Knowing how your technicians spend their time is key to their compensation, your efficiency, and your profitability. We’ve cracked the code on time entry and will be revealing our secrets to you.

by: Drew Thomas, BDR Team

Backups are a permission to play when it comes to being an MSP. How do you move BDR from being a humdrum necessity to one of the most profitable parts of your agreement? With the right technology, pricing, and presentation. We’ll show you how we do it.

by: Jason Rivas

Companies and executives are learning the hard way that we don’t know enough about our employees. We will dive straight into how the DISC Assessments taught an old dog of an MSP entirely new tricks. From inceasing job contentment to putting the right person in the right seat – DISC is a part of the strategic plan for success!

by: Rex Frank

Over the course of three days at Academy, you’ll be diving into all sorts of topic areas. knowing where you’re struggling the most will guide you into the right sessions and toward the right people. Rex Frank of Sea Level Operations will be walking you through a simple scoring exercise which will help you see where you are as an MSP and define where you need to go.

by: Rex Frank and Dan Martin

You probably hear the words KPI and metrics thrown around all the time, and you’re probably wondering, “What exactly should I be measuring, and what are those metrics telling me?” Discover how to bring your data to life so that you can see the real story behind your service team.

by: Rex Frank, Dan Martin

You’ve gotten your technicians to track their time (or you’ve attended the session to get them on the right track), you’re wrapping your mind around clear service management principles and KPIs, so now it’s time to answer the biggest question of them all, how exactly should you compensate a technician to keep them performing, motivated, and growing within your organization.

by: Jason Rivas

Of all the items on our ‘to-do’ list, things related to Human Resources almost always get pushed to the bottom. From the entire pre-hire process into employee onboarding and retention, we will reveal the best practices and techniques that can help to get rid of those pesky items on your ‘to-do’ list.

by: Rex Frank and Dan Martin

Step 1. Create the SOP documentation. Step 2. Put it on a shelf, let it gather dust, and let employees proceed as if the documentation never existed to begin with. That’s how you should do it, right? Unfortunately, that’s how it happens all too often. Create SOPs that have staying power in your organization and use them to manage and reward employees.

Marketing Sessions

by: Emalee Sugano

Whether you love social media or think it’s simply a place for people to tell you what they had for breakfast, know your way around Google AdWords or believe it’s where home users go to look for Geek Squad, and whether your website is a business card or a true lead generation tool, it’s time to embrace all things digital marketing. We’ll show you our tips and tricks to navigating the digital space.

by:Emalee Sugano

We’ll lay down what you need to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to make sure your marketing is doing what it’s supposed to do whether you’re handling your marketing in-house or using an outsourced provider.

by: Emalee Sugano

Everywhere you look there is content for Managed Services. What’s the best content for your company whether you’re writing it or outsourcing to a third party company? Hint: it’s most likely not what you find the most interesting.

by: Emalee Sugano

Selling managed services is a local effort and as much as we love digital marketing, nothing beats boots on the ground and making those personal connections. What are you doing today to ensure your success tomorrow within your community?

by: Emalee Sugano

You’ve invested the time and money into making your marketing activities soar. Now what? How are you determining if your marketing is actually effective? By tracking your marketing metrics, you can gain a deep insight into how your marketing is performing, what is working, and what isn’t

Vendor Sessions We Couldn’t Do Without

by: Matthew K. Koenig

Come ask RapidFire Tools IT Assessment Nerd all your IT Assessment related questions!

by: Matthew K. Koenig

MSPs are scrambling to find the right tools to protect their clients from INTERNAL threats, while at the same time trying to figure out how to capitalize on this megatrend in business. Our newly renamed Cyber Hawk™  tool (formerly Detector SDS) delivers, and during this webinar, you’ll learn:

–How to deploy three levels of cybersecurity services that are pre-packaged and ready to brand and sell as your own

— How to pitch each service to your current clients and prospects

— What to include in the service

— What specific tasks need to be done

— How much of your time it will take to perform each service

— What deliverables to promise

— How to customize the offerings to create your own unique services

And, most important, a recommended pricing for each tier.

Then, we will show you which of our tools you will need to deliver each of these Cybersecurity Services, and show you the ROI you can expect.

by: Tracie Crites

Cloud solutions are more profitable, more consistent, more reliable, and more scalable than any value add on the market, so why isn’t cloud part of your MSP offering? I bet we know at least a few reasons, and I’m here to tell you, we understand your struggle.

CorKat knows the challenges of transitioning to a cloud based offering because a few short years ago, we were an MSP that took a chance on standing out from the crowd. We of course did that, with cloud solutions. Now, we’re #1717 on the Inc 5000 list, and we consistently are awarded the top fastest growing private companies in Northern Colorado. We found the way to make it possible and profitable.

This session will feature our “been there, done that” cloud journey and give examples of how you can leverage a partnership with CorKat to stand out from the MSP crowd.

by: Tracie Crites

You know that some of your clients need to transition to the cloud and of course, you want to be able to leverage cloud solutions without any hassle.

How do you actually transition to a cloud based offering anyway? How do you market and sell cloud to your current clients and new prospects?

We’ll show you all of this and more during this session. We’ll also focus on what the difference is between cloud providers, and how to know if your client is a quality candidate for cloud. We will breakdown how your MSP can not only set yourself apart from the MSP crowd, but how you will increase your MRR, decrease your time onsite, and enjoy all the efficiencies of a cloud based offering.

by: Ashley Johnson

As ITSP’s, MSP’s and MSSP’s we’re in the perfect position to be paid on time, every time. Do you deserve to get paid for your work? Let’s discuss the action plan to make it happen.

by: Ashley Johnson

We’ve taken the traditional recurring payments model apart and actually made it work the way you run your business. Come in for a show n’ tell and Q&A of the ConnectBooster autopay functionality.

by: Mike Hibbitt

Mitel brings industry track record of reliable service to the Connect offering … experience and financial capability to invest in the infrastructure. MiCloud Connect will address most businesses’ needs, if it doesn’t, then we have Flex to address unique demands with customization & more robust features.

By Deana Turnipseed

Worried about faulty processes causing lower margins, lost revenue, and employee burnout? Imagine what your business–and life–would look like if you brought in revenue like top-performing technology solution providers. Now stop imagining and start making it happen! Join us for tricks, tips, and tools that top TSPs rely on for bigger, better pro ts. You’ll learn the hiring practices, software solutions, and processes that led these heavy hitters to success and can help you get there too.

By Matt Bernacchi, Roman Rida

Have you heard? There’s a new security trend in the marketplace right now, and it’s building some serious steam. Managed Security Service Providers are the new kids on the block, and it can be a challenge to understand and navigate through the changes.

Join Sophos as they walk you through this latest trend. They’ll explain the journey to MSSP and how Sophos can help you and your MSP make more monthly recurring revenue, faster. Because who doesn’t want to boost profitability?

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