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CharTec Sessions for February 27th – March 1st, 2019

Sales Sessions

by: Alex Rogers

Join everyone in the Main Training Room for the very first Academy session and discover what to expect for the next three days of intensive MSP training.

by: Nick Points

Identify the key elements that will help you build or perfect a more profitable agreement, and discover how your offering can enhance your competitive edge.

by: Alex Rogers

The number one thing our Members struggle with is pricing. Per user? Per endpoint? Server pricing? Desktop pricing? Vendor management? Gross margin? Unlock the keys to successful pricing during this session.

by: Nick Points

Before you set foot in a prospect’s office, there are a few things you need to have lined up. Are you using killer filler words to complete your sentences? Are you armed with global questions to carry on the conversation? Do you have simple diagnostic questions lined up that will cause the prospect to open up?

by: Nick Points

Closing the first appointment requires a whole lot more than you might think. Let us show you how to perfect your technique to get your foot in the door for that Discovery.

by: Nick Points

The Discovery is one of the most important elements of the Sales Process. Let us teach you how to dive a little deeper, and you’ll be one step closer to winning every presentation.

by: Alex Rogers

Understand how to effectively pitch your presentation and overcome common sales objections in the process.

by: Alex Rogers

Not all salespeople are created equal. How can you weed out the wannabes from the super stars? There are many things you need to do to find out if they’re serious candidates and can bring in the revenue you want. Once you’ve got them, see what it takes to not only keep them, but inspire them.

by: Alex Rogers

You’ve sold the deal and completed the project. Now that you won’t be on site every day implementing new systems, how do you keep your clients happy and engaged? You need to have an effective transition from your Projects team to your Service and Account Management team, and then continue to provide tangible value to the client throughout the agreement. We’ll show you how we do it

Operations Sessions

by: Rex Frank, Dan Martin, Kelsey Zeiders

When you first start your business you accept tickets any way they come in – cell phone, web submission, email, carrier pigeon. You can give your customers a lot of love this way, but it’s not scalable. When is it time to add a dispatcher to the mix? Who should that person be? Can it be a joint role? A longtime ARRC Service Coordinator will provide the tricks of the trade.

by: Rex Frank & Dan Martin

How well do your techs track their time? Is it an act of God to get them to enter their time on tickets? Are you in a state where you can pay based on time entry, or are you stuck feeling like real-time time entry is a pipe dream because it’s unenforceable. Knowing how your technicians spend their time is key to their compensation, your efficiency, and your profitability. We’ve cracked the code on time entry and will be revealing our secrets to you.

by: Jason Rivas

The DISC is not just your humdrum, run of the mill personality test. Many people come to us saying they’ve taken something like the DISC before, but rarely have they really taken the behavioral assessment that tells of your characteristic behaviors both on and off the job, as well as what motivates you to get the job done. We use the DISC in our organization through the hiring process, communications with fellow employees, all the way to compensation plans, and disciplinary tactics. We’ll show you how to make DISC part of your operational strategy too.

by: Drew Thomas, BDR Team

Backups are a permission to play when it comes to being an MSP. How do you move BDR from being a humdrum necessity to one of the most profitable parts of your agreement? With the right technology, pricing, and presentation. We’ll show you how we do it.

by: Rex Frank

Over the course of three days at Academy, you’ll be diving into all sorts of topic areas. knowing where you’re struggling the most will guide you into the right sessions and toward the right people. Rex Frank of Sea Level Operations will be walking you through a simple scoring exercise which will help you see where you are as an MSP and define where you need to go.

by: Drew Thomas & Mark Grundy

AWS, Google and Microsoft may work for some when it comes to cloud computing and storage, but we found that they’re not necessarily our best friends. We’ll walk you through ARRC Technology’s decision process when it came to a cloud solution provider and why that might be the best path for you, as well.

by: Rex Frank and Dan Martin

You probably hear the words KPI and metrics thrown around all the time, and you’re probably wondering, “What exactly should I be measuring, and what are those metrics telling me?” Discover how to bring your data to life so that you can see the real story behind your service team.

by: Drew Thomas & Justin Nusz

A peer roundtable of ideas for designing, marketing, selling and supporting advanced security solutions.

We’ll be sharing successes and failures with the effort to shortcut learning specifically in the first several years of MSSP.

By: Rex Frank and Dan Martin

What are the pitfalls/struggles you’ll encounter scaling your business from 1-5 and then up from there? What should the organization look like? What roles should be added first?

By: Rex Frank and Dan Martin

You’ve gotten your technicians to track their time (or you’ve attended the session to get them on the right track), you’re wrapping your mind around clear service management principles and KPIs, so now it’s time to answer the biggest question of them all, how exactly should you compensate a technician to keep them performing and growing within your organization.

by: Jason Rivas

At no point were individuals, organizations or businesses provided a User Manual on how to use Social Media, like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. In this session, employers and employees alike can learn the basics of defining a Social Media Policy and what types of posts are ‘ok’ and which require ‘immediate corrective action.’ This is a must-attend session for any company who enables the use of Social Media as a work-perk to your culture.

by: Rex Frank and Dan Martin

You’ve written your overall compensation structure, you’ve gotten your KPIs down pat, but how do you make sure your technicians stay motivated? We will give specific comp plan details and mini games that most appeal to your techs.

Marketing Sessions

by: Emalee Sugano

You had every intention that 2019 would be your year for pre-planning. You’d have your budget, your sales forecast, your marketing all ready to go January 1. Let’s face it though, life happened. You just didn’t get a chance to get everything done. Let’s get caught up. We’ll help you through developing the biggest parts of your plan so you’re ready to take the rest of 2019 by storm.

by: Emalee Sugano

Buying a list is one thing. Making sure your social media is on point is another. Sending out relevant emails and leaving compelling voicemails is also important. All are key to marketing, but let’s face it, you have to get out from behind your computer screen to really drum up business in your local market. We’ll cover strategies for local networking, making the most of opportunities to speak, and how to effectively follow-up.

by: Emalee Sugano

One of our most requested training topics is Lead Generation. There are literally thousands of ways to generate leads! We’re going to take a stab at teaching this though, by showing you our MSP’s 2019 Lead Generation plan. Hear what a multi-million dollar MSP is doing for their marketing efforts this year. Pick up tactics and techniques to put in your own marketing plan. Learn what shiny pennies to avoid so that you’re not wasting time.

Social media seems to be all the rage, but where should you put your time and effort on social media? We’ll cover the ins and outs of how we apply Facebook Ads to our ARRC Technology marketing strategy and sprinkle in a bit of our content strategy while we’re at it.

by: Emalee Sugano

On Day 1 of Academy we talked about building the 2019 plan. You’ve spent the last two days going to various sessions hearing all the things that you need to implement. Now it’s time to take that knowledge home and get to work. We’ll cover how to implement your plan, as well as how to stay on track when life begins to get in the way again.

Vendor Sessions We Couldn’t Do Without

by: Natasha Boyko and Wesley Sheridan

If your clients’ data is posted on the Dark Web, a door is opened that leads straight to their networks. Attacks ranging from spear phishing to identity theft can easily take place if valuable credentials are stolen and sold. Small businesses like those served by the channel are especially vulnerable!

Natasha Boyko and Wesley Sheridan, Channel Development Managers of ID Agent will discuss how the constant threat of cybercrime is affecting the conversation with MSPs and their clients. Then they’ll provide techniques to tackle customer objections and conquer prospect stonewalling!


• Practical and concrete tips for overcoming objections

• How to package and sell Dark Web ID™

• Marketing campaign ideas that will resonate with prospects and your customers

• How to leverage high visibility breaches to provide awareness to customers

by: Kameron Olsen

Learn how Broadvoice can help you Sell Smart and Profit More. Broadvoice offers a unique partner program designed to enable you to intelligently sell UCaaS and Call Center into verticals such as government, franchises, and healthcare.

During this session, you will have an opportunity to see a live demo of the b-hive platform (built for ease-of-use), review their product portfolio including their call-path model options and learn about the marketing resources and incentives available to you as a partner.

by: Matthew K. Koenig

Come ask RapidFire Tools IT Assessment Nerd all your IT Assessment related questions!

by: Matthew K. Koenig

Is Security important to your business? How about to your client’s business? In this session, learn how to create a simple Security As A Service offering that could add as much as 20% to your bottom line almost immediately and your clients will love you for it.

by: Tracie Crites

If you want to migrate to the Cloud successfully, assistance from a partner who can help you navigate the migration landscape and ensure success is more important than you’d think. Not all Cloud Service Providers are created equal and your partnership could be the difference in standing out from the MSP crowd and making some money while doing it.

In this breakout, CorKat will highlight how we stack up to other providers and how we rock and sock our competition every time. Having been an MSP, we know that you need fast and efficient cloud services for your customers. We offer this and so much more. So, this session will feature our “been there, done that” cloud journey and give examples of how you can leverage a partnership with CorKat to stand out from the MSP crowd.

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