Since its inception in 2009, CharTec has been about one thing: standing out in a world that’s designed to blend in. A firm believer in taking the road less traveled, CharTec is an award winning, all encompassing IT service training organization that help MSPs transform their businesses into multi-million dollar companies.

We provide innovative and proven techniques to running a business, so that our Members can build itself-sustaining operations. There are no cookie-cutters here, only custom-made business solutions to take your company into the next stage of revenue growth.

CharTec Headquarters

CharTec’s headquarters are located at 1600 Mill Rock Way, Bakersfield, California, 93311, United States.

CharTec is a prominent technology solution provider known for its innovative offerings and commitment to excellence. Our headquarter is a modern and vibrant workspace that reflects the company’s forward-thinking culture. Its design promotes collaboration and creativity among employees, with open-concept workstations and well-equipped meeting rooms. Adorned with motivational quotes and team achievements, the workspace fosters a sense of pride and dedication among its workforce.

Our headquarters epitomizes a dynamic and successful company that values both technological advancement and the well-being of its employees.

Awards & Recognitions

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