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Managed Service Provider Lead Generation Tip: You can’t market like you’re talking to technicians.

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Tools to Market your IT business


Learn lead generation strategies based on our 28-years of MSP B2B Marketing Experience.

Attend CharTec Academy or the 3-Day Virtual Marketing Summit.


Blogs, Emails, and Scripts


Writing quality blogs, emails, resources, and voicemail scripts for your automated marketing campaigns is the hardest part.

Use our proven content instead. New campaigns published monthly.


Fully-Automated Marketing


You didn’t start a business to become a marketer. We’ll drive your marketing efforts, so you don’t have to.

Let us handle your marketing strategy.

“I started using CharTec’s Premium Marketing Program 5 months ago. I have since added over $60,000 in projects and $144,000 in agreement revenue from the campaigns CharTec is running for me. And I have two more Sales Presentations on the calendar – so I’ll be adding more revenue shortly ? . Thank you, CharTec! Keep doing what you’re doing!”

– Anthony Licate, Spidernet Consulting

“They have won us several very lucrative deals that we wouldn’t have discovered otherwise! CharTec has been instrumental in our success since Day 1. Nick and the entire CharTec Team always go above and beyond our expectations.”

– Brian Nunn, Valley Expetec

Lead Generation Training

CharTec MSP Academy & MSP Lead Generation

You have the budget and time, but you just aren’t exactly sure what to do. Join our next CharTec Academy for Managed Service Providers and IT Companies, and we’ll show you the way. Think of this as your 40,000 foot view into everything that is managed services marketing. We base all of our trainings over our nearly 30 years operating an MSP in Bakersfield, CA, as well as how we implement marketing efforts for managed services providers across the nation. Tune in to learn:

  • What Content You should focus on for the next quarter
  • How to utilize social media to elevate your brand
  • Digital Advertising strategies for Managed Service Providers
  • The latest campaigns that are working for our MSP

Virtual MSP Marketing Summit: Focusing on Lead Generation

You’re passionate about marketing and lead generation, but you don’t have the time or energy to invest in learning how to implement all of the digital marketing tools at your disposal, let alone how to do it for your IT business. We’ll teach you how our MSP does it, as well as work with you in a virtual workshop setting. In our Virtual Marketing Summit for Managed Service Providers:

  • We’ll begin with website tips and tricks, including: lead generation, SEO, proper branding, quality content, and necessary updates.
  • Then, we’ll dive into optimizing your social media, including updating your Facebook and LinkedIn pages, and figuring out what you should be posting.
  • Finally, we’ll plan your next quarter Marketing campaigns so that you can be prepared to meet your marketing goals.

MSP Lead Generation Campaigns

Every month, we publish a new campaign for your MSP to implement in whatever CRM you choose. Don’t have a CRM or know how to use one? The Premium Marketing Program may be a better fit. However, if you desire content targeted to small business owners that need IT services, you’re in the right place. Each campaign posted is focused on lead generation and contains:

  • Content that address problems faced by small business owners today (security, virtual office, productivity)
  • Blogs to modify/post weekly covering pertinent topics for your target market
  • Emails to pique curiosity and encourage click-through for your prospects
  • Tested marketing copy that generates results for our MSP and MSPs across the nation
  • Social Media Posting for Brand Awareness
  • Webinars Done for You

Premium Marketing Program

You didn’t get into business to become a marketer. Need lead generation to grow your business, but it’s not a skill set you want to cultivate? You can’t rely on someone on your sales team to wear the marketing hat, but you must bring in enough leads to meet your growth targets. We’ve developed an all-encompassing marketing program that we roll out for your MSP that focuses on lead generation. The Premium Marketing Program includes:

  • Content Marketing: Blogs, emails, resources
  • Google Display Ads
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Social Media Optimization and Posting
  • Webinars Done For You
  • SEO Recommendations and Support
  • Marketing Strategic Planning and Assessment
  • Analytics
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