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What is Evergreen Content and how do I create it?

The first time you heard the term Evergreen Content (which may or may not be right now) you were probably a little thrown off by it.  And if your mind works like mine, then you naturally thought, “When did we start talking about gardening?  I thought this was a conversation about blogs.”  Then you proceeded [...]

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Can you be where you are?

We work and work and work.  And for what?  To work some more?  To say we’ve lived a life to work?  To know we’ve worked as hard as we possibly could? And what’s the point?  To earn money, right?  To be successful, to say we’ve accomplished things professionally, and to make a larger impact in [...]

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4 reasons your employees will leave you

Not sure if you noticed but you’re not the only game in town.  In fact, there are millions of businesses everywhere and probably many just like yours—offering the same services, same products and same solution—within a 50 mile radius. But, I’m sure you know this and you’re probably wondering why I’m stating the obvious.  Well, [...]

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Have you learned the new form of Persuasion?

You own the business.  You supply the products.  You manage the services.  And, this might be where things get a little confusing for you.  You see, all you’re hearing is you and, so, for some odd reason, you think the “you” in all this actually matters.  But, it doesn’t. All that really matters is them, [...]

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Take the anonymity out of your office

Do you know the people working for you? This question goes above and beyond just their name and job title.  Better put, do you know who they are? How many kids do they have?  Do they have any hobbies?  Where did they go to on vacation last week?  Did you even notice they were gone? [...]

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Make your cold calls count

Cold calling definitely has to be one of the worst sale’s techniques ever invented.  Whether it works or not, picking up the phone to call a complete stranger is difficult, nerve-wrecking and stressful.  You have about three minutes to introduce yourself, your business and your services, familiarize yourself with the person on the other end [...]

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Do you have the skill to make it through the work day?

You could have the brain of Einstein and the creativity of Apple’s entire Product Management team and still not be successful.  If you don’t have the right set of skills to maneuver through the chaos of simply doing business, your know-how of the industry won’t get you very far.  Success requires a vast degree of [...]

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Your work-life balance is a thing of fiction

Since day one, we’ve all been told to find that perfect balance between our work life and our personal life. Work really hard, but don’t you dare miss dinner. Be involved in your family’s activities 100% of the time, but don’t you even think about missing a deadline at work. Many people like to think [...]

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3 Ways That You Are Killing Your Employee’s Motivation

Each member of your staff is motivated differently. Some may be encouraged by monetary gains, others by knowledge, and others by community service. Your job as a leader is to find out what specifically motivates each member of your team and ensure that those needs are met. We all know that. But what if in [...]

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An employee may be good at their job, but you could be losing business because of it

Don’t be fooled. Sometimes the worst thing you can possibly have is an employee who does everything they’re supposed to do.  Sounds a little backwards, but hear me out. So, let’s say that you currently employ both Bob and Ron.  They have the same title and work within the same department. Bob only does what [...]

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