“CharTec is like family”


Pariac Sweeney
Memphis IT Solutions
Member since: 2013

“Not going to Academy will set your business back 6 months. What you learn today will drive your business now. You can’t afford NOT to go.”

Buffy Francis
Technology Assurance Group, Inc.
Member since: 2010

Joy Beland
Owner – Member since: 2010

“Over the years I’ve come back to [Academy], especially when I see they’re focusing on a topic or a part of my business that I just happen to be going through a rough time or a growth patch where I really need some help in identifying what’s the best way to get through this. One of the biggest benefits is, if I have a dispatcher, let’s say, that’s new and kind of struggling with picking up the best way to set out their routine, I can send them to CharTec […] and have them sit with the dispatchers here at ARRC Technology and see how their dispatchers do their job. And then my dispatcher will come back with a much better sense, using the same tools, the same type of procedures, and be able to be the best resource they can be for the money I’m paying them.”

Pink Hat Technology Management

Alex Payne
Owner – Member since: 2016

“We’re way more efficient than we were; we have probably twice as many clients now thanks to CharTec and we’re actually supporting with less people so it’s been has been very beneficial. I went through Sales Lab about a year ago. What it did was, it gave me the confidence to go and actually try and sell and I have more than doubled the size of our business. So we’ve added nearly $40,000 a month in new recurring revenue and it’s just just because you guys gave us the confidence to do it.”

Techital, Inc


“Academy is a terrific place for people in our industry to learn from both speakers and peers. I found the experience to be highly informative, engaging, fun, and finally refreshing.”

Nina Pilgrim
Chief Executive Officer
Member since: 2017

getFIT Technology

“CharTec staff puts together a great event. Love the all hands on deck mentality. Whether a beginning or mature MSP, I think CharTec has much to offer. There is still a lot I need to learn. Also, the pre-day was a very good idea and offering for members.”

Matt Fukuchi
Member since: 2016

Velocity Network, Inc.

“I really learned a lot about how to sell Managed Services…Thank you for a great couple days of training and for the opportunity to work as a Member with CharTec. Your staff is fantastic!”

Vince Lipari
Director – Channel Sales
Member since: 2011