A simplified email security platform
Address client needs, concerns, and requests with an easy-to-use messaging solution.

Ensure total compliancy and help your clients meet regulatory requirements.

Satisfy your clients with rapid recovery and the automatic preservation of messages.

Offer your clients an inbox that remains accessible despite technical issues.

Easy to manage

Control the ins and outs of your clients’ inbox with sophisticated features. Benefit from:

  • Advanced Security & Encryption

  • Automatic Email Continuity

  • Archiving, Discovery, & Recovery

Easy to secure

Work with a messaging platform that provides advanced security features that are easy to implement and maintain.

From anti-spam and built-in email continuity to encryption policy tripping and a 60-day rolling archive, Email Security from Relyenz gives you and your staff the tools, sophistication, and features you need to fully support and easily manage your clients’ messaging needs.