Are Your Sales Struggling? Can’t Close Deals?

Fix Your MSP Sales Process

Are you tired of losing deals? Are you feeling stuck in the never-ending follow-up cycle?

You need a proven MSP Sales process to transform your business and life.

Virtual Trainings

Quarterly Live MSP Sales Training


Tune in to hear from MSP Sales experts that have perfected the art of selling contracts for 30% more than competitors at 65% profit margin without needing any lengthy follow-up.

Playback Trainings

MSP Sales Training Library at Your Fingertips


You need support for your sales process when you’re in the middle of trying to sell a deal. Access our trainings, resources, and coaches to ensure you close the deal.

Hands-on Support

Intensive Workshops with MSP Sales Masters


1 week. 12 hours a day. One-on-one attention from our MSP Sales Experts in this intense crash course. That’s the fastest way to completely transform your sales abilities.


What is Sales Lab?

MSP Sales Training Options

MSP Sales Training at CharTec Academy 

Your sales process isn’t working. You aren’t closing deals and you’re caught in perpetual follow-up. Tune in to the next CharTec Academy, and we’ll show you how to do it right. Think of this as your 40,00 foot view into the most effective MSP Sales process available. We’ve been selling IT services and hardware as a service in Bakersfield, CA  since 1992 growing our business to a multi-million dollar MSP.

Join us at Academy to learn:

  • How to effectively sell managed services
  • Overcoming objections and avoiding them to begin with

  • Effectively prospecting and getting sales at-bats
  • When and how to hire a salesperson so you can meet your goals

On-Demand MSP Sales Training

When you’re stuck in the middle of the sales process, you need immediate access to help. We’ve collected every sales resource we use at our MSP and framed them into courses, resources, and tools to make sure that you have the assistance you need the moment you need it.

You can access our:

  • Pricing model to generate 65% margins on every agreement
  • Play-by-play of our sales process to role play and follow via video and courses
  • Scripts of every portion of sales process from prospecting to presentation
  • Commissions calculator to ensure you’re paying salespeople effectively

Hands-On Sales Lab

Sometimes, the best way to learn is to get out of your business and immerse yourself in the training. Eight times a year we bring together all of our sales trainers and up to 15 students for four days to take a deep dive into the sales process.

You will walk out of Sales Lab with:

  • Conducting a Discovery effectively, including practicing the Discovery with Executives at our mock company
  • Uncovering pain points while avoiding solutions-based selling
  • Confidence created through several days of one-on-one role plays with our Sales experts
  • A video recording of your presentation to review for improvements, and refresh before your presentations in the real world

“I closed my first deal doing the entire CharTec Sales Process, a $2100 dollar a month contract which is probably double what we would have normally done.”

Will S., Blue Bay Technology

Recharge your MSP Sales efforts.

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