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Take Your MSP to the Next Level with CharTec’s MSP Education and Training.

Close More Deals and Transform Your Business with CharTec’s Proven MSP Sales Process.

Stop Losing Deals and Wasting Your Time in the Never-Ending Follow-Up Cycle.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Interactive Tools and MSP Education

  • Notifications: Keep track of what your team is doing. Get a notification every time your team completes a sales presentation, meets or misses their goal, closes a deal, and more.
  • MSP Courses: Get full Sales, Marketing, Operations, HR, and Finance MSP Education from a 25+ years Managed Service Provider (MSP) in short digestible chunks.
  • Crystal Ball: Discover your chances of closing the deal before you make a sales presentation. Our Crystal Ball calculates your success percentage so you can improve your presentation before you show it to your prospect.

  • Commissions Calculator: Calculate your team’s commissions with a few simple steps. Track commission over time to see how your sales team is doing.

Know what your team is doing With Notifications.

Stay on top of what’s happening in your business. Use Notifications to keep track of each member of your team. Know is someone is not meeting their targets and remedy the situation before it drags down your profits.

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Make your team effective with CharTec’s MSP Training Courses.

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C.O.R.E. offers your team the opportunity to grow and become better at what they do. Get full Sales, Marketing, Operations, HR and Finance training from a successful MSP with more than 25 years of experience.

Our curriculum is organized in specific courses, complete with supplemental material and quizzes so your team members can test their abilities and try-out what they learn.

Improve your presentations with Crystal Ball.

Crystal Ball is an automated interactive program specifically designed for MSP sales teams. Make the most out of the time you spend crafting new proposals with Crystal Ball.

By using Crystal Ball, you and your team can check the strength of a sales presentation and improve it before you show it to a prospect, making it easier to close deals.

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Find out how much you and your team are making with Commissions Calculator.

Before you close a deal, know how much you and your team members are likely to earn. With CharTec’s Commissions Calculator, you can calculate and track commissions over time to see how well your sales team is performing.

Gaining access to C.O.R.E. is only the beginning…

CharTec’s also offers:

  • One-on-One Consultation: with any of our Department Managers (by appointment only).
  • Memberships: for ongoing support in growing your business.
  • CharTec’s Academy: free to members. MSP specific training courses and live Q&As that focus on the latest trends in the I.T. Industry.
  • Sales Lab Training: CharTec offers an intense week of study, practice and a “live” presentation to Sales Professionals who want to succedd in MSP Sales.
  • Sales and Operations Summits: Shorter than Academy, these classes offer a condensed version of CharTec’s MSP specific training.
  • Marketing Memberships: We know you’re busy, so let us handle your Marketing so you can focus on growing your business.

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