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How MSPs can Create Winning Performance Compensation Plans

Few things are more powerful for motivating sales representatives than a good compensation plan. For MSPs, the most successful way to create winning compensation plans is to align businesses' interests with those of sales reps.   Some business owners wonder why they should pay salespeople to do what they were hired to do in the [...]

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How AI can help your MSP generate leads

Statistics show that AI technology can boost and help your MSP company's productivity by as much as 40 percent, according to Brandi Rogers, Marketing Director of CharTec. It can collect customer insights to anticipate your customer's next moves. It's also very useful with automation, which can facilitate scaling. Nobody can do everything all the time. [...]

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How MSPs can Improve their Chances of Sales Success

Securing an appointment with a lead is a major victory, and the last thing you want to do is waste your marketing efforts by going in and blowing it. While there are certainly times when the outcome of a deal is beyond your control, there are plenty of ways you can stack the odds in [...]

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CharTec Wins AVA Digital Awards 2023 for its Digital Marketing Efforts

CharTec is excited to announce we have won two AVA Digital Awards 2023 for our Marketing Efforts. Out of 2,700 entries, we won awards in Two Categories: Individual Achievement, and Digital Marketing Campaigns. The AVA Digital Awards 2023 were for helping our Premium Marketing Member, Macatawa Technologies, increase their lead generation and overall sales through [...]

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2023 CRN® Channel Chiefs

Bakersfield, Calif. February 07, 2023 – Congratulations to CharTec’s Brandi Rogers, Director of Marketing, and Nick Points, Director of Sales! We are pleased to announce that Nick and Brandi have been named to CRN’s Channel Chiefs list for 2023. This is a tremendous achievement for each of them. This yearly exclusive list celebrates IT channel [...]

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Three Reasons Why Security is Crucial for a Business

Security is a critical component of any business, regardless of the size or industry. With cybercrime on the rise, it’s more important than ever to make sure your business’s data and systems are secure. But why is security so important? What does good security protect you from? Keep reading to find out three key reasons [...]

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Tips for Handling Non-Paying MSP Clients

In almost every business, there will come a time when customers need to be reminded of late payments. Whether it’s because of an oversight, a lack of funds, or a deep dissatisfaction with your service, this is never a fun situation for you to find yourself in. We collected some tips that might be helpful [...]

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How MSPs can find the right Marketing Budget

How should your MSP define its marketing budget? There are several popular approaches to budgeting for marketing, but not all of them work for MSPs. Keep reading as we discuss why some methods fail, and we will offer a few suggestions to point you in the right direction.   Percentage of revenue   Many MSPs [...]

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Should MSPs outsource Social Media marketing?

Social media evolved for us to keep in touch with our friends when it first emerged but has quickly become one of the most important digital marketing tools that modern businesses have available. Many SMBs and MSP have increasingly turned to social media marketing to help with their marketing and branding. A social media presence, [...]

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Sales and Marketing is the key to your MSP’s success!

Sales and marketing might deal with different aspects of bringing new business to your MSP. Treating them as two that only interact when necessary means you are missing out on an incredible opportunity for growth.    A study by LinkedIn found that 87% of sales and marketing professionals believe collaboration between both departments is essential [...]

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