Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

Get an Email and Blog Campaign for your Clients and Prospects! 

Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month

This is the month made for IT Services providers and MSPs. Are you prepared to take advantage of this excuse to fill your prospects’ minds, inboxes, and social feeds with everything they need to know about cybersecurity? Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Blog weekly on a cybersecurity subject. You can steal ours by downloading this resource and modify them to fit your liking with updated statistics and local anecdotes.
  2. Send an email weekly driving people to the blog. We like to do a little teaser that will pique curiosity and get people excited. Then, link to the blog.
  3. Post on social media at least three times a week with a tip, trick, or hint surrounding cybersecurity. Make sure you utilize the appropriate hashtags that will drive back to Cybersecurity Awareness month. The chosen hashtag for this year is #BeCyberSmart.
  4. Update your social media cover images to indicate that you’re participating in Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

Contact us with any questions about how you can best implement this and other marketing campaigns to grow your MSP business!