Premium Operations Program

What hats are keeping you from being best in class?

As an MSP owner, you wear a lot of hats – sales, marketing, service, management, billing, keeping the company afloat.
At some point in your career, you’ve likely done all of these things, occasionally all at once.

Efficient operations are the foundation to profitable growth, yet improving day to day operations tends to get overlooked because you’re bogged down in doing the work. Pretty soon you have an ineffective PSA, little to no tracking, and zero ability to hold your team accountable. On top of that, the word automation went out the window as soon as you realized the RMM tool you were sold doesn’t come out of the box doing the things the salesperson said it did.

You are not alone.

CharTec’s Premium Operations Program can help you take your Operations to the next level using our 25 years of experience.

What’s included in CharTec’s Premium Operations Program?

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  • Are your service board setups a mess?

    We’ll help you modify them to meet best practices and properly leverage types and sub-types.

  • +

    Need Operations guidance and support?

    Receive weekly strategy calls to provide guidance and direction, as well as ongoing training with service management to

    implement best practices for increased client satisfaction, efficiency and operational profitability.

  • +

    How are you tracking?

    Get ConnectSMART software (including unlimited user licensing) and customized dashboards for

    service management, productivity, dispatching, and customer transparency.

  • +

    Do you motivate your techs appropriately?

    We’ll roll out a performance compensation plan that helps your technical staff for increase client satisfaction,

    ensure data accuracy, build efficiency, and increase profitability.

  • +

    Have a unique report need?

    We’ll create custom reports and dashboards as needed.

  • +

    Frustrated with ConnectWise Manage?

    We’ll guide you through proper setup of your PSA and be your ConnectWise advisor.

  • +

    Measuring client satisfaction?

    If you’re using SmileBack or Simplesat,  we’ll provide integration into ConnectSMART Dashboards and Metrics.

Ready to cast aside some of those Operations hats and get our help?

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