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Opening New Worlds of Selling Opportunities for MSPs with the RapidFire Tools Stack

You Will Learn:

Running a one-off IT assessment on a prospect network is the best way to win new business.

Successful MSPs take this to the next level: They set up automated and recurring IT assessments for existing clients to deliver high value reports they can use to optimize service delivery, generate more revenue and retain clients longer.

Find out more about this simple, yet incredibly effective automated IT assessment machine you can use through every stage of your managed services client lifecycle. We’ll show you how to use IT assessments to:

  • Open doors and close new business
  • Scope and quote new engagements and quickly onboard new clients
  • Set “ground rules” and client expectations to ensure profitable contracts…and happy clients
  • Stay “top of mind” with customers and justify the value of your services
  • Identify opportunities for selling in new services and getting clients to say “yes”
  • Ensure your clients are thrilled to “re-up” when it’s time to renew contracts

Get specific, actionable advice with details on how to create, package and sell your own branded portfolio of profitable, recurring network vulnerability management services.

Learn what Vulnerability-Management-as-a-Service (V-MaaS) looks like for clients of any size…from micro-businesses to enterprise companies.

We’ll also cover:

  • The difference between a “threat” and a “vulnerability” and how to talk to clients about the differences
  • The types of network vulnerabilities that can emerge and how to best manage them
  • The specific tasks involved in setting up and delivering vulnerability management services
  • Examples of the four different levels of vulnerability management services to offer and which is ideal for each of your clients
  • What frequency to run vulnerability scans and when to remediate
  • How to price each level of service to ensure profitability — including your labor

We’ll also demonstrate VulScan, our web-based vulnerability management tool with special MSP licensing that allows you to scan an unlimited number of assets for clients you set up in the platform.

With the high volume of recent high-profile network breaches — including ones specifically targeting MSPs – extreme diligence is more important than ever to identify threats from inside the network, not just attacks coming through the firewall.

If hackers get through your firewall, you’ll want to know about it:

  • Suspicious log-in attempts
  • Unauthorized changes to network settings
  • Applications installed on locked down systems,
  • Unexpected new profiles created

These are just some of signs that your network could be under attack, and the kinds of issues that you want to be alerted about when they occur so you can investigate and immediately remediate if needed.

But how do you provide this extra layer of protection in a way that doesn’t consume a ton of money and time filtering through crazy SEIMs?

Learn more about the challenges for MSPs and hear a quick and easy way to add an extra layer of insider threat protection for your clients.

During this session we’ll discuss:

  • How to set up a basic insider threat detection service and what threats it looks for
  • How to create and deploy higher levels of insider cybersecurity
  • How to pitch insider threat services to clients and prospects

Compliance is a REQUIREMENT, not a choice. Every one of your prospects and clients must be compliant with one or more cybersecurity standards. Some are in highly regulated industries and must comply with laws like HIPAA, CMMC for defense contractors, and financial services regulations.  Every business must comply with consumer protection laws and at least one state data breach law. You never know when a client will be audited or have an incident, which means they must be prepared to respond without warning.

Adding compliance audits and documentation to your current services is a huge value to your clients that brings bigger profits and happier clients.

We’ll show you exactly what to do and how to package your Managed Services with Compliance Services for higher recurring profits. You’ll learn:

  • The difference between Managed Services, Security Services and Compliance Services
  • How to educate clients about the value of paid compliance services
  • How the IT security and privacy threat landscape changed during the COVID-19 crisis and why clients need you more than ever
  • How to price, position and sell compliance services
  • Answers to the most common objections your clients might raise
  • How Compliance Manager helps automate and deliver a wide range of high-value, low-cost IT compliance services
  • How Powered Services Pro helps you go to market quickly, sound like a compliance authority in hours and jump-start your compliance sales