Virtual CharTec Academy

May 11-15, 2020

Things are a little bit different in the world right now…That also applies to the training available to you! 

May 11-15
Our Virtual Academy Begins

Ever wondered why you sometimes hear about us traveling to Bakersfield, CA? We’re headed to the CharTec Academy, where experts in sales, marketing, finance, and operations train MSPs, IT Service Providers, and people that want to get into those businesses how to be better.

This time around, we want you to go with us – BUT from the comfort of your home office.

CharTec is bringing its Academy content online for FIVE days in May. What’s even better? Whether you’re a CharTec Member or not, you are invited to attend this event at no cost. As a friend of Sandler Partners, we wanted to extend a special invitation to make sure you don’t miss out on this event.

The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging for all of us. You probably have shifted into conservative mode by cutting costs where you can. This likely means that training was on the chopping block. Now it’s more important than ever to train your staff so that you can come out of this crisis ready to recover. Join us online on May 11!

Seats for Academy are usually $895. For this Academy only, CharTec is offering FREE access to all as a gift to our MSP Community during this difficult time! As a friend of Sandler Partners, we want to make sure you don’t miss out!

We know that you probably can’t log in all day every day for 5 days, so we’re breaking up our content into chunks, so you or your staff have concentrated time every day to focus on their subject areas. 

Each day we’ll have 3 hours of Sales Content, an hour of Marketing, Finance, and HR content, and 2 hours of Operations content to close out the day. Tune in for every session or only those most relevant to you. Invite your staff to join in and make this an Academy a whole-company affair. Sandler Partners will also be hopping online to share our expertise, as a proud sponsor of the CharTec Academy.


5 Mistakes that Keep You from Hitting Goals

Sales Accountability in the COVID-19 Era (Keeping Your Sales Team Busy When No One’s Buying)

The CharTec Sales Process

Making Cold Calls Count

When Sales Meets Service

Proper Technology Business Reviews

Hiring a Sales Professional


Facing Your Limits: Time, Money, Desire – Where Should You Spend Your Time Marketing

Preparing for Recovery: How Can You Get Ahead While the World’s Stopped

Should You Be Marketing through COVID-19 and How?

The Guide to MSP Advertising

Marketing: DIY, Outsource or Hire


When, Why and How to Reduce Staff

Engaging a Virtual Employee Culture

Activating Your Leadership Team

Managing Legal HR Minefields

Preparing the After-COVID HR Plan


Introduction to Agreements

Creating Agreements in ConnectWise

Breaking Down the Cost v Tax in Agreements

Auditing the Agreement

Tackling Collections


Stepping Up Your Game

Performance Comp Plans (that actually work)

Metrics that Matter: Metrics, KPIs, Exceptions

Defining Your Operational and Financial Metrics

Dispatch/Service Coordination

Technical Discovery

Structuring Your PSA

Scaling Your Business in changing times

Academy Testimonials