Let’s acknowledge the elephant—er, zebra—in the room: Why MSPs come to train in Bakersfield.

We at CharTec know it’s a tall order asking busy MSP owners and team members to take a few days away from work and family to come all the way to Bakersfield, CA for a 3-day Academy 

Bakersfield isn’t exactly the easiest place to get to. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a direct flight here. Traveling here takes some planning.  

Bakersfield isn’t flashy. It’s not Las Vegas or Miami. It’s not a tourist hotspot. We can’t promise you any ocean views. (But, hey, we do have palm trees!) 

Let’s just say, we’re aware. Having operated out of Bakersfield for the last 30+ years, we know very well what Bakersfield isn’t.  

But, we also know what Bakersfield is. 

Bakersfield is a town that is uniquely situated in the heart of the California oil industry with Silicon Valley in close reach.  

This means that CharTec and ARRC (CharTec’s parent MSP) are well-positioned to stay ahead of the technology curve while also exhibiting mastery in the hard-won skill of overcoming resistance in an industry known for being a “tough sell”. 

What Bakersfield lacks in the usual sights and attractions of other popular travel destinations, we make up for in creating a singular training experience. There’s no other MSP training like it. 

Here are 3 reasons why Bakersfield is exactly the Town where MSPs come to train

 #1 CharTec’s facility is immersive and all-inclusive. You’ll want for nothing while you’re here. 

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner—Covered (and then some!) 
  • Copious amounts of caffeine on hand—well, obviously! 
  • Alcohol and evening entertainment? Done and done. (What happens in Bakersfield, stays in Bakersfield…) 
  • Our in-house speakeasy, The Library, is the place to be. 100%. 
  • Private office spaces and conference rooms to manage your business remotely—we’ve got plenty.  
  • Need a new headshot or video promo for your business? Our on-staff videographer extraordinaire, Eric, is at your service. (Believe me, he could make a sack of potatoes look good.) 
  • And if you take advantage of our discounted rate at Homewood Suites, you won’t need to hop in a car once because we’re literally right across the street.  


#2 CharTec’s facility is also home to our own MSP, ARRC Technology. What other MSP training out there can say the same?  

  • Want keys to the castle? You got it. 
  • This ain’t no convention center. You’ll be right here in the thick of it, where actual managed services business is done.  
  • Curious to see how another MSP does it? Want to ask our NOC, BDR, Service Manager, CFO or Marketing team how they solve problems? Ask them yourself and see where the magic happens because they’re all right here. 


#3 The experts are all right here in one house.


  • CharTec is the brainchild of Alex Rogers, known in the industry for his groundbreaking MSP-specific sales methodology and training. 
  • CharTec has nailed down the art and science of bringing the right people into our circle, each an expert in their own right. CharTec has got the best in the business from sales to ops to marketing to leadership all on CharTec’s roster, ready to fill your head with what they know.  
  • CharTec also brings in expert guest speakers to bring added value to the Academy. But you won’t see fluffy motivational speakers on our agenda. Expect experts in the channel who know what you’re going through and how to get to the next level. 
  • Every sponsor CharTec brings in has been vetted by us. We do business with them because we know they provide value to our clients. We know first-hand how they can help grow your business. And they really know their stuff. 
  • Everyone at CharTec is 100% invested in your growth. We don’t want you to merely walk away inspired. We want you to leave with an arsenal of tools in your back pocket and clear steps to take to make your MSP growth goals happen. 
  • Everyone here genuinely cares. The connections you make here are real and lasting. We want to celebrate every win with you and the new friends you make here will too. 


Final Thoughts

There’s a reason so many MSP teams make the voyage to Bakersfield year after year for our Academies. It’s because they’re serious about driving business forward and they know our methods work. 

If logistics are holding you back from coming to the Academy, reach out to us. We’ve got some insider tips to make travel easier.  

With that out of the way, it leaves only one question to ask: What opportunities are you leaving on the table by NOT coming to the Academy? 


Want to learn more about what’s in store for our upcoming Academy? Get the details here.