Are you looking for more effective ways to grow your MSP business? Could your marketing efforts benefit from some new strategies to attract and retain high-quality clients? Grow your MSP and Cybersecurity offering now with CharTec Academy and Sophos.

Many MSPs struggle to find the best ways to expand their business. Choosing the best method from various options can be challenging.

Karen on CharTec Academy

Karen, a representative for IT security company Sophos, reports that many of the MSPs she works with find themselves in this position at some point – and every time someone tells her they don’t know how to grow their business, the first thing she asks is whether they’ve looked into CharTec Academy.

As someone who has worked with CharTec for more than 15 years, she speaks highly of the people there, who she says feel like family and the relationships they build with their partners.CharTec Academy offers MSPs a full range of skills from marketing to negotiation to advance their business.

Why Sophos?

Like CharTec, Sophos company thrives on its relationships with its partners. Sophos is an industry leader in endpoint protection and cybersecurity services for MSPs. Among their extensive product offerings, their unique MSP Connect Flex program stands out. MSPs can deploy customers using a consumption-based model, paying only for what they use each month.

Sophos offers robust defenses against advanced threats and breaches such as ransomware attacks, empowering MSPs to offer their clients top-notch protection. With Sophos, MSPs can meet their clients’ security needs and expand their services with ease.

Cybersecurity is just one of the many topics covered by the roster of experienced speakers at CharTec Academy.  Why wait any longer to transform your MSP when you have the opportunity to gain valuable insight from industry leaders? Sign up for CharTec Academy now and start your journey toward exceptional growth and success!