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Elevate Your MSP with CharTec’s Newest Partners

The full-service cybersecurity company CORO recently attended its first CharTec Academy, and their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. We are proud to offer our members access to CORO, whose innovative security modules cover everything. This includes inbound gateways and mobile device management to endpoint and cloud security. Their solutions are quick to deploy and help SMB customers enjoy top-notch security, especially those with limited budgets and staff.

They take all the complexity out of security, and it is this streamlined yet highly effective approach to business that we embrace at CharTec Academy. CORO Channel Executive Tim Williams said that people who come to the academy are looking for new approaches, and that’s exactly what they get. Elevate your MSP now.

What CORO Has to Say

CORO’s Forrest Knueppel noted that while the learning sessions are filled with great insight, he valued the opportunity to network and build camaraderie with others in the MSP sphere between sessions just as much as the knowledge he gained. Everyone at these events is truly invested in their business. The fact that some people have been coming back to the academy for 15 years is a testament to its value.

Craig Nichols of CORO said, “Our success is the success of our partners”, and that’s certainly true of CharTec Academy. We want to empower everyone to propel their selling and marketing forward. This starts with equipping staff with the knowledge and techniques they need to drive positive change.

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