So, what is a Community Manager? A Community Manager is, above all else, someone who manages, monitors, and tackles action on behalf of the brand. He or she is the first line of defense and the first view of customer service for the brand. A community advocate, a brand evangelist, a savvy communicator, and a gatherer of information on potential services and products…if this sounds like you, then keep reading.

PR Daily recently released a mini article and infographic on what is inside the mind of a Community Manager. I am going to break this into two parts because there are a lot of points to cover…so now, to see the first part of what a day in the life of a Community Manager is like.

Pinata: You take a beating. Meetings, calls, strategy session, and long hours…but no matter what happens, you still have to put on a smile and keep going. The world must always think that it’s all about unicorn farts and glitter.

Sponge: You must become your community, envelope yourself into everything that is the brand’s community—and then you will truly be able to gauge and understand what is happening.

Gardner: You keep an eye out for your crop. Water when needed, so you can watch your audience, following, and overall social reach grow. Now, this does take time, care, and the right tools if you’re going to be able to do this. Nothing is going to happen overnight, so keep working at growing your brand and reach.

Concierge: Your online community is the front lines of communication for your clients and partners. This, in many cases, may be the first time they interact with the brand or the first place they go to voice their opinions (both good and bad). Get in front of it—if it’s service they want, service they will get! Respond fast and accurately. Now, if it’s negative, turn it around and address it on a much higher level. NEVER drop down to the level of someone who is unhappy with the brand. Remember, you are human and your brand should also be.

Cheerleader: You’re ready to go for that new product launch, newsletter, or whatever it may be. You’re on the sidelines ready to cheer about whatever is new and great. You also will need to give shout outs to your business partners and clients. This will keep building the relationship and your overall reach.