Many MSPs are excellent at the technical aspects of their business, but sales and marketing can prove very challenging.  

Enter CharTec Academy, the best MSP training event in the nation. Through its uniquely engaging and informative approach, it covers all the nuances involved in the sales conversations MSPs have with their clients. Owners, CEOs, salespeople, and technicians can attend marketing classes with like-minded individuals who share their goals.  

Augmentt provides MSP security solutions 

George Smith, Head of Community & Strategic Partnerships at Augmentt, notes that it’s also a great networking opportunity, giving attendees exposure to MSPs they may have never crossed paths with otherwise.  

Augmentt works closely with MSPs, providing simplified, top-notch security for Microsoft 365. They take on the often cumbersome process of setting up configurations and security policies and provide multi-tenancy through their purpose-built platform.  

With Augmentt’s centralized SaaS security platform, MSPs can offer scalable managed security services for cloud apps with ease, with visibility across all end users to facilitate threat detection and auditing. It boasts seamless integration with Microsoft Single Sign-On and a security baselining feature, Secure Autopilot. Much like CharTec Academy, many MSPs have said that Augmentt’s platform is a true game-changer. 

CharTec Academy helps MSPs raise their game 

Smith praised CharTec Academy’s upbeat and friendly atmosphere, along with its setting at CharTec’s Bakersfield headquarters. Instead of a run-of-the-mill conference center where speaker after speaker throws buzzwords at you, it takes place in an actual MSP office that is both familiar and inspirational, where you can soak in the friendly corporate culture and positive vibes that imbue every aspect of the program. 

Hear what industry leaders are saying and pick up practical advice on improving day-to-day operations and building your business effectively by signing up for CharTec Academy.