At this stage in the marketing audit, it’s time to start learning about and defining your company’s BUYER PERSONAS!!! I’m sure you’re starting to truly understand the need for these make believe profiles but you probably don’t yet totally grasp the value. Just remember, the more detailed your personas are, the farther they will take you in qualifying leads and closing deals. We will thoroughly explore how to use them once we have completed this exercise.

They will NOT go to waste!

To get started and prepare for our buyer persona call, take a look at the guide I wrote and if you have time, dig into the template. I am available to do this exercise WITH YOU or we can spend extra time reviewing your work and fine tuning. It’s up to you how to take advantage of my time and our next call. Also, even though we are on a pretty tight schedule, this is one of those mandatory components that has the potential to screw up allllllllllllll of our future marketing efforts if not properly done.  We will pause the schedule if necessary to allow more time on this exercise.

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