Too few managed service providers see the possibilities in becoming the “go-to” expert for a specific market or vertical with their services.  Literally, about one-third of MSPs target specific verticals. The rest?  They take a shotgun approach to business development, likely managing to operate without any type of sales funnel.

Committing a portion of your managed services business to a specific vertical can reap huge benefit overtime as you learn more about that industry and how to service it. The loyalty you will gain from your customers will not only keep them in your corner no matter the situation but they will also send new business to you regularly.

Targeting specific verticals as a business strategy brings a major competitive advantag.  It allows you the opportunity to gain a very intimate level of understanding to the uniqueness of each market. That kind of expertise allows for scalability and business growth. You will not only be able to empathize with a business and their operations but have considerable value over your competition.