Congratulations! You made the deal! You went through the entire grueling process and finally got that coveted signature and check from the gatekeeper. Now you can sit back, relax and watch the dollar signs increase on your commission. Wrong! Now the other work begins. You won them over and they purchased managed services, now it’s time to show them just how amazing your team is by deploying PCE or the Perfect Client Experience.

PCE is important for several reasons. First and foremost, a business will have spent a hefty sum on your services, so you want to ensure peace of mind by going out of your way for them. Another reason is retention. You may have the client hooked for the time being, but what about next year? Will, they continue with your managed services, or cancel and go elsewhere? People also enjoy just being part of something. Knowing that there are good feelings surrounding the deal and creating a family-like atmosphere reminds everyone that we are all simply human. All of these give plenty of motivation to ensure your new client truly does get a perfect client experience.

In order to streamline this process and make it efficient for both businesses, there is a bit of a process that goes into it. Remember, you just closed a deal and made the gatekeeper’s life easier. It’s an exciting time! Put that excitement into every step after the deal starting with a welcome kit. This kit should be full of swag for every employee at your client’s company. This doesn’t have to be super expensive, example items could be branded pens, mousepads, keychains, and even apparel. Include some general information about the company as well as an overview of the products and training you will be rolling out to them. Once again, make sure there is enough for every employee. There is nothing worse than the executives getting all the cool stuff. Plus, you want to stress to employees and executives alike that you are now family and can be called upon whenever they need it.

Next, is when projects come in. Speak with projects so you know everyone is on the same page. Take a look at the scope of work, bill of materials, time frames, key contracts, and expectations. Once that’s out of the way, have projects meet with the new client. This way the client can address any concerns and have technical questions answered in a different way. During this time, you will also want to set expectations with both the client and projects, take a tour around the workplace and go over project implementation. Once you go back to the office, make sure you are in constant contact with your new client while your teams are working together to on a summary and timeline. During this time, projects will also need to have everything set up and running smooth in-house before deploying to the client’s business. This way the business is not affected by downtime or software that doesn’t work.

The next step for the perfect client experience is training the client and their staff. This can be a bit time consuming because sales will deep dive into the client’s new systems. While going through everything from simple logins, support tickets and an overall rundown of the new technology, ensure your document and take pictures. You can use this as marketing collateral later on. Keep in mind that training will vary based on products, people and business. However, once this part is done, you’ve made it through the final stretch. With a managed service client there will never be time to “relax” because even after training comes account support, answering questions and concerns, amongst several other items. However, your technology or quarterly business reviews will allow time for celebration. This review will be generated by your business for your client’s business based on the data you received and analyzed. Feel free to grab a drink with your client to celebrate the beautiful and successful partnership you closed on.

The perfect client experience doesn’t take much guesswork. In fact, a great way to think of it is a marriage. When dealing with your clients think of your spouse, what could you do that would make them smile. Go above and beyond (within your means) and you will have recurring business every year. Use your sales expertise to close the deal and provide new clients with the very best onboarding and managed services. For more information on PCE and best practices not included in this blog, be sure to register for our upcoming webinar where sales expert Nick Points will dive deep into the perfect client experience.