Tips for Handling Non-Paying MSP Clients

In almost every business, there will come a time when customers need to be reminded of late payments. Whether it’s because of an oversight, a lack of funds, or a deep dissatisfaction with your service, this is never a fun situation for you to find yourself in. We collected some tips that might be helpful [...]

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MSP Dispatcher: Increasing Service Workflow

A MSP Dispatcher Brings Order to the Service Desk The typical MSP started as a one or two-man shop. It grew organically through word of mouth because of the quality of the work. Then, things got busy. You notice that you have too many break-fix clients, so it's time to make a change. Once your [...]

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Chrome’s Ad Blocker Went Live Today. Here’s The Details.

Back in June 2017, Google published that they were working on a built-in ad blocker for Chrome. In partnership with Google, the Coalition for Better Ads defined what "intrusive advertising" looks like to consumers and will be enforcing the new standards effective TODAY, February 15. Both desktop and mobile Chrome browsers will be affected however users will notice [...]

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Why Security-Savvy Staff Boosts Company Culture

Software programs work to keep cyberthreats out, but your staff has the power to let someone in. This is why a security-savvy staff is crucial when it comes to protecting your business. While security systems play a large part in keeping your data safe from cybercriminals, your people are equally responsible when it comes to [...]

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What the New Kindle Brings to Technology

All at once, libraries were reduced to a 6-inch grayscale e-ink display, and the world was fascinated. Back in its debut in 2007, Amazon’s first Kindle was revolutionary. It gave bookworms the ease of having hundreds of books at their fingertips, and encouraged non-readers to finally get into the magical world of reading without having [...]

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3 Important Things Good Security Protects

Data breaches are no longer a thing of science fiction movies. They happen all around you. Breaches are a costly nightmare that can affect your business from every angle, avenue, and outlet. The security you use doesn’t just protect you from the latest malware—it’s an insurance policy that protects your staff, your clients, and the [...]

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15 Delicious Facts About Oreos

You may be wondering why an IT training facility would be writing about Oreos. Well, when we learned the next version of Android will be called Android Oreo, we felt compelled to share some fun facts about the cookie that now has its own operating system version and share some similarities between the two. Hydrox [...]

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Amazon Echo Skills That Don’t Need To Exist

We all love the commercial of Alec Baldwin telling his Amazon Echo to order him some socks, right? And while having a digital assistant around to help you order from mega-giant Amazon sounds handy, we also found some not-so-handy skills Alexa can learn. Here are our top useless Alexa skills: I Pooped About the Skill: [...]

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7 Strategies to Keep Your Phone Safe from Hackers

In the span of a day, you probably do most of the following with your phone: Go through your inbox and respond to emails (and unsubscribe from the annoying ones) Check your bank account balance, breathe a sigh of relief, and purchase an item with your credit card Send a text message to a friend, [...]

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Tech Corner: Coin vs. Google Wallet Card

Each of our daily lives are enhanced by technology in some shape or form. Now technology has hit our wallets. With smartphones getting smarter each and every day it’s about time our wallets caught up to the technology race. Google Wallet is an  app you can install on your smartphone (iOS or Android), it allows [...]

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