Chrome’s Ad Blocker Went Live Today. Here’s The Details.

Back in June 2017, Google published that they were working on a built-in ad blocker for Chrome. In partnership with Google, the Coalition for Better Ads defined what "intrusive advertising" looks like to consumers and will be enforcing the new standards effective TODAY, February 15. Both desktop and mobile Chrome browsers will be affected however users will notice [...]

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15 Delicious Facts About Oreos

You may be wondering why an IT training facility would be writing about Oreos. Well, when we learned the next version of Android will be called Android Oreo, we felt compelled to share some fun facts about the cookie that now has its own operating system version and share some similarities between the two. Hydrox [...]

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Petya variants behind the global ransomware outbreak

SophosLabs has determined that new variants of Petya ransomware (also known as GoldenEye) are behind the massive online outbreak that spread across Europe, Russia, Ukraine and elsewhere today. Others in the security industry are calling it PetrWrap.

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