Hiring a Sales Superstar: When to Hire

Hiring a sales superstar can be a challenge; but once you find one with drive, determination, and a trainable attitude, success is around the corner. Before you start down this road though, you have to decide if it’s the right time to hire. Sales Assessment First, take a good long look at whoever is responsible [...]

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HR Metrics to Consider: Recruiting and Retaining Talent

Recruiting and retaining top talent isn’t easy. Even after the hiring process ends, there are several metrics your Human Resources (HR) specialist(s) should keep tabs on to ensure top performers stick around long enough to deliver meaningful results for your company. Here are 3 metrics highly effective HR organizations measure: 1.Turnover Some turnover is expected, [...]

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How to Make the Most Out of the New Year

When a new year rolls around, we all want to make the most out of it. But a lot of our goals revolve around personal achievements, like getting into shape or purchasing that dream house down the street. We don’t always include workplace goals, which is a travesty. The average person spends 90,000 hours at [...]

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Is Your Passion Burning You Out?

Bear with us, for a second. Picture Mary. Mary finds her dream job after combing through hundreds of ads and inquiring with every personal connection she’s made over the years. Mary lands the job and absolutely loves it! Years go by. And then Mary gets burnt out. She’s been pushing so hard for so long because [...]

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How to Develop and Retain a Talented Staff

Many managers suffer from one key oversight: failing to take their employees to that next level of greatness. Managers and directors sometimes fall incredibly short of exploring the full potential of their most talented individuals. By doing so, the potential of their business as a whole is threatened. When you have a diamond sitting square [...]

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Why Security-Savvy Staff Boosts Company Culture

Software programs work to keep cyberthreats out, but your staff has the power to let someone in. This is why a security-savvy staff is crucial when it comes to protecting your business. While security systems play a large part in keeping your data safe from cybercriminals, your people are equally responsible when it comes to [...]

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6 Tips to Conquer Electronic Etiquette

If you have a standard job, you probably use email all day, every day. It’s probably safe to assume that in one eight hour period you send more emails than you speak words. Sad, but true. But because of this, it’s important to know the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of proper email etiquette. You don’t want [...]

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How to Use Vacations to Boost Work Productivity

We all dream about a relaxing vacation on a beach somewhere, coconut drink in hand, cell phone turned off and sitting at the bottom of a suitcase. No worries, no deadlines, no stress. Your boss cannot find you, or conversely, your staff cannot hound you. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it? And maybe you’re part of the [...]

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Have you turned your employees into zombies?

If your employees aren’t engaged, then it’s only a matter of time before something, somewhere down the line goes wrong. Now, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “I pay them to feel engaged.” And to a certain degree, you have a point. Why should you worry about their level of personal engagement, right? We’re all adults [...]

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