Technology continues to eliminate the manual pains of the past. Integrations and workflow improvements reduce the complexity and labor involved in running an MSP business.

We hate the manual processes associated with mailing out invoices for services and reconciling transactions, both are time-consuming and difficult. A lot of these responsibilities may fall to your accountant (or yourself in some cases), and not staying on top of those activities can disrupt the flow of your business.

Using the right tools can make all the difference in productivity levels and where a business spends its time.

One of the areas where automation helps most is helping to streamline your finances. Removing tedious, mundane tasks using solutions and tools allows you to focus on more important things in your business.

Improve service without sacrificing time

When you think about all the manual labor associated with accepting a payment inside of your business. There’s a surprising amount of work involved; you may have to match up payments from a batch, report and reconcile those figures in your accounting software, or modify bank ECH files. Not to mention reviewing all the invoices for your customer listing and then going back to modify specific bank files. All these steps create an opportunity for human error.

The MSP model is about providing high-quality service and doing more with less. If you’re planning on scaling and growing your business, these redundant processes add up quickly and can easily derail or slow down that expansion.

Whether sending out past due invoices to 50% of your clients or creating a monthly statement reminder, all of those things take time and effort. Relying on humans to do it  becomes an expensive proposition as the operations grow.

You need to stay on top of collections. Our software does a lot to ease manual labor requirements for the finance team. It’s also valuable in helping your company grow and can manage a lot of repetitive, unruly administrative tasks.

To stay on top of all the manual processes, you’ll need to automate or hire a person to take care of them. Both may be needed as the company scales. Hiring an accountant just to handle those manual process is expensive and not always the best use of their skills. Your staff should focus on running your business, rather than getting bogged down working on tasks that an automation platform could easily handle.

ConnectBooster not only automates your accounting process but eliminates the headaches that bog down a growing MSP.

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