Copier companies are used to those daily paper jams they constantly find themselves dealing with. However, what happens when you’re experiencing a jam of a different kind… sales. Copy and print companies are experiencing an interesting shift in their business models. They are being given a unique opportunity to add managed services to their already developed client networks. On paper this seems pretty straightforward, why not increase recurring revenue with managed services? Yet many trailblazers on this path have experienced a few different areas of trouble. This is where an MSP with years of experience and team of experts can assist in your success.

Sales Reps

It’s been said that sales people are made, not born. This could be very valid in the case of copier companies. One main issue, is that current sales reps are apprehensive about selling managed services. They can sell a copier or a printer with ease, yet they don’t do as well selling services. Existing reps simply don’t want to buy in to the MSP market. It’s not that they can’t make the sale, they are simply not confident with this new solution. Some feel this could jeopardize relationships with current accounts, others are simply used to their current sales and have become complacent. So what do you do when motivation is lacking but the talent is there? Engage with CharTec!

Branding & Marketing

For any of you that have started this MSP adventure, you know that one of the most common misconceptions you will hear is, “But you’re a copy company, what do you know about IT or operations?” As this industry gains headway in the MSP market this will continue to come up until credibility has been established. Often times, getting a kick start by joining an already credible MSP can help immensely with your client’s hesitation. We live in a day and age where print journalism is slowly dying out, which is why most people assume all print services are headed to the grave. Most copy and print companies are older and only specialize in their specific wheel house, perpetuating the misconceptions of their consumers. How do you establish your expertise in the industry and change minds about the services you offer? Engage with CharTec!

Problem Solver

Training and refresher courses are always beneficial to a company. Especially if they are venturing into a new market or something they are unfamiliar with. The above issues take specialty answers. However, CharTec believes in the power of knowledge and will gladly equip your team with the skills needed to take your copier business into the MSP sphere. First of all, there is our highly regarded Academy, Sales Lab and Operations Lab. These one of a kind courses not only teach, but will also motivate you and your team. Learn valuable information that will give confidence and allow you to eloquently sell managed services to your current client network. If you need an even more hands on approach, CharTec membership has many benefits such as; helping set up technical support services, provide staffing plans, facilitates partnerships, and offers guidance on how to price services according to market conditions. You know how to fix a paper jam, let us help fix your sales jam.