Transitioning from Break-fix to an MSP can be a daunting task, but it’s worth it for businesses that are ready to generate recurring revenue, rather than waiting for an individual’s computer to break. Most Break-fix businesses have the technical skills, but they are lacking knowledge in sales, marketing, and operations. Realistically, an MSP provides an entire business model alongside technical support. So having the skill set needed will improve the transition.

The first step in this transition is to adapt to excellent customer service. This is often what a lot of Break-Fix businesses get hung up on. In an MSP you are doing much more face to face with your clients than before. Break-fix is usually just walk-in and drop-off. Then you as a tech, fix all the problems, return the device to the customer and go your separate ways. So, keeping your clients informed and up to date can often be problematic, simply because you are not used to it. The best way to organize yourself is to draft up a business model that matches your goals and be loyal to it.

Along with impeccable customer service, you will want to be very transparent and straight-forward with the services you offer clients. As you probably know, your clients don’t know much about technology. They may think they want something, but it may not fit their actual needs. Your job is to go through a services contract pointing out everything you are promising to do and why. This will put your clients at ease as well as clearly outline and organize your goals. With that, you will need to get to know your audience. Learn about your potential buyer and their pain points. This will help you immensely when it comes to drafting up your contract. Most MSP’s specialize in certain industries, which tailors pain points. So something like healthcare, you will need to be well versed on HIPPA laws or hire a partner to help with that. Specialty vertical markets take some special skills, so know your audience before you start making promises.

Then, of course, is the implementation of a marketing/sales plan. Once again, this part can cause some difficulties since most owners are technical minded. Wrapping your brain around a CPU is much easier than a marketing campaign. Don’t worry, you don’t need to spend a ton of money outsourcing, all you need is a solid strategy and a few really great salespeople. Social media and digital marketing are great ways to start gaining leads. That’s were your salespeople will come in for the close. Also, don’t be afraid to market toward your existing clientele within your break-fix business. First of all, it’s worth a shot, you never know if they could use managed services. Secondly, why not! They’re already your clients, they may prefer to stick with your business rather than going out and looking for a new service provider.

Then finally, collaborate with your current vendors. See what kind of partnerships can grow from your existing relationship. It helps both sides out with purchases and invaluable knowledge. You never know what kind of helpful collaborations you can initiate that will help your new MSP. Take the leap into managed services, your wallet will be happy you did.