Facebook has been the king of social media platforms with integrated analytics for quite some time. The recent Facebook Insights overhaul is quite exciting (especially if you’re a social media nerd like me). LinkedIn has always been lacking in this department. However, they got the memo and have overhauled their analytics. With this update you can track much of what you could before, but with a new visually appealing page and some updated stats that you didn’t have before. One really cool new feature is the ability to stack yourself up against your competition regarding total company followers to the page. The update gives an at-a-glance of the post and overall impressions, clicks, interactions, etc. It put everything in one nice and neat dashboard where before you had to scroll all over the place and look at a bunch of tiny charts.

Finally, LinkedIn announced you can now have promoted updates for your company to reach even more people for your company page. It looks like LinkedIn is really trying to challenge Facebook pages; LinkedIn has always been known for its personal professional sites. They really don’t focus too much on the corporate side unless you were utilizing it for jobs and hiring (which isn’t a cheap solution!). It’s nice to see another platform step up and start to focus more on businesses. With all of the trainings I do, many people who are just getting started on social media marketing are reluctant to use Facebook because it is “more personal” but hate that you can only focus on the individual on LinkedIn and not so much the business side like you can with Facebook. With this major shift, I would expect to see much more traffic and engagement coming from LinkedIn Company Pages. I think this is a good move overall for LinkedIn, however it will take some time for LinkedIn’s company pages to be as popular as their counterparts on Facebook.