One of the key factors that contribute to CharTec’s growth is that we partner with the best companies in the Managed Service industry. When we decide to use someone’s services, that means we have tested them hard, in real-world settings. If they make it through that, we highly recommend them to you!

RapidFireTools has been a partner of ours for longer than we can remember. We stick with them because their system works. It’s just that simple. Besides all the tools they offer MSPs, they are also in the business of helping you make money.

We’ll say that again: RapidFireTools helps you MAKE MORE MONEY!

Their goal is to offer the best network assessment tools available so you can win new business and keep more customers! And this is exactly how you grow your business. Keep reading to find out what RapidFireTools can do to help you.

A Closer Look at Basic Managed Security Services

As an MSP, you are most likely spending a chunk of your time scouting new revenue opportunities. And you may have found that basic security assessments are a great way to get your foot in the door. One-time security assessments can clinch a new account, and ongoing assessments can capture recurring revenue.

Let’s take a closer look at the two types of assessments that can expand your business.

One-Time Assessments

Offer a free basic security assessment to open prospects’ doors and show them what you can do for them. With this approach, you conduct the complete assessment but only share the summary results of the issues you find. This lets you gain entry for a proposal to fix what you discovered. And that opens the door for you to provide ongoing managed services.

In addition to acting as a prospecting tool, one-time assessments can also be used with current clients for security and compliance spot auditing. You can also charge for your security assessments and provide several reports as impactful deliverables that your clients will appreciate. Performed with Network Detective, a three-tiered approach allows you to deliver appropriate assessments for all levels of clients. Here’s a summary of what the tiers look like:

  • Silver – This is the most cost-effective choice that can provide broad-based coverage. This level can tackle many weaknesses that small organizations may face, such as inadequate perimeter defenses, patching, anti-virus, and physical security practices. The silver level will evaluate such items as:
    • Inbound and outbound firewall configuration
    •  External vulnerabilities
    • Best practice configurations for Microsoft cloud
    •  Effectiveness of current patch management tool
    •  Anti-virus and anti-spyware
  • Gold – This tier is often used for companies that show a higher degree of risk. The gold level builds upon the silver and addresses poorly executed group policies, lack of application policy consistency, and anomalous logins. It adds features such as:
    • Log-in analysis
    • Internal vulnerability scan
    • Security policy assessment
    • IT administrator review
  • Platinum – The platinum offering stacks the previous two levels and adds client security compliance audit reviews. The compliance can be performed using PCI or HIPAA modules. Security compliance auditing can benefit all businesses, even those that aren’t in a regulated industry.

Ongoing Assessments

Ongoing assessments can achieve optimal effectiveness using both Network Detective and Cyber Hawk.

  • Silver – This low-cost level makes it accessible to small businesses with less than 50 devices. It’s an effective assessment that allows MSPs to create incremental recurring revenue and help uncover new projects with current clients. Weekly analyses’ can deliver important information that requires your feedback, examination, and remediation. Your ultimate responsibility is to investigate and report.
  • Gold – The gold level builds upon the silver and offers: ongoing internal vulnerability scans, SOC alerts filtering, verification services, and quarterly network and security assessment reviews. Issue remediation can be included in this service cost, but out-of-scope concerns can be billed as additional projects.
  • Platinum – This premium level is designed for businesses with elevated security needs. It builds upon the first two tiers and adds investigative and remediation services. You can also include platinum-level risk analysis.

Of course, one-time and ongoing assessments are not mutually exclusive. The most comprehensive approach combines both services, and MSPs can customize their offerings to each client’s needs and budget. For more information, download our white paper: Building Your Security Service with Network Detective.

As you can see, RapidFireTools wants to help you win new business and keep more customers. And they have the tools that can help you.

However, if you’re not sure how to get started, you have an awesome opportunity coming up! RapidFireTools is a Sponsor of our Virtual Academy. That means they will be available to talk with you and answer all of your questions. The Academy is May 19th and 20th, and you can register here.

CharTec’s Academy teaches you how to succeed as an MSP. We show you how and why to do things. We teach you the techniques and best practices. But it’s our partners, like RapidFireTools, who offer you the Tools you need. Don’t miss the next Academy. Don’t miss the opportunity to grow your business!