MSPs today are faced with unprecedented opportunities for growth. Whether that’s by adding new services to your offerings, or finding ways to differentiate and grow your business, more businesses than ever before are looking for help with managed services.

The health care market is gearing up to be one of the most important industries that MSPs can align themselves with in the years ahead. And by getting in now, you can already start to take advantage of this hungry and fast-growing clientele.

Why Health Care?

Health care is currently one of the fastest growing segments of the US economy. Health care data is currently worth more than financial information on the darkweb, as per Forbes. That’s why hackers and purveyors of malware and ransomware have begun to target health care providers and hospital systems for large-scale cyber-attacks.

At stake, these hackers can potentially get their hands on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of protected health information (PHI).

Because of the sensitive nature of health care data, providers are at more risk of cyber-attack than ever before. Breaking into health care can give you unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on this growing need for managed security services.

But it doesn’t stop there. Health care providers have needs for other added services as well–namely compliance-as-a-service (CaaS). And in fact, by adding a CaaS solution to your offerings, you can actually become a more competitive option for providers facing a sea of similar-looking competitors.

Adding CaaS can give your business the edge you need to open the door to health care, and justify the rest of your security services.

Growing Your Business in Health Care

HIPAA compliance, for instance, is mandated for all health care providers in the United States. As such, adding a HIPAA compliance solution to your offerings can open up the entire health care market to your business.

Additionally, HIPAA compliance requires certain key security measures and protections that must be in place to keep sensitive health care data safe. Namely, this includes encryption, back-up, network security, password management, and others.

So just by adding CaaS to your offerings, your MSP can find new clients and increase your MRR, all while establishing yourself in the lucrative health care market.

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