Just in case you missed it, this past week we had our processes and procedures filled Operations Academy! Shane Swanson took the stage for what is called around the office “The Shane Swanson Show.” One of his most popular sessions is his Power of Process session. In this session, Shane enlisted the help of a few of the CharTec ladies and 2 participants from the audience. The participants then wrote a process for how to make a good ol’ fashion peanut butter and jelly sandwich. From there, it was up to the girls to execute the process, and attempt to make the sandwiches exactly how their written process told them to. This exercise just goes to show how powerful a proper process can be, and how dangerous a poorly made process can be as well.

We also had a special guest appearance by Tim Brewer (also known as the Awesome Aussie), who covered sessions that touched on everything from the 12 Disciplines of Great Operational Leaders, to Incremental Change: The Small Steps to Huge Success, and tagged teamed with Shane on a few of the more technical deep dives into ConnectWise. With Tim’s Incremental Change Session, he looks at the small things that we can do as businesses and the massive effect they will have. Such as the evolution of changing a tire. Look at the differences between someone on the side of the road changing their tire to something as fast and important as a Formula One pit crew. Both are effective ways of changing a tire, however which one is more effective? The same concept ties into our businesses. The better things get, the more processes and technology we implement, the more efficient we become. Same applies with various motorsports and their unique ways of changing tires. For this Operations Academy, we had our ARRC Technical Support Team present during a few of the sessions and breakouts. Our Level 3 Technicians held a round table, our dispatchers held a session on proper dispatching, and Chris Freels (Service Manager for ARRC) held a few sessions and a round table that was so big, we had to move it from the conference room to the ARRC Training Room!

This month was all about getting the back end of your business up and running, or as least running more efficiently. From implementation, to tracking, to workflows, processes, and much more. Join us next month for our CEO Academy, and then in July we’re hosting our very first Innovations Academy. We are pulling out all the stops for this Academy and have some awesome people lined up to give their insight on the Channel, the Future of Managed Services, and where the Fate of the MSP lies in the next decade. This is one that you’re not going to want to miss out on, so be sure to get registered today!