How do you measure success in your business? How do you measure failure? Can you even measure anything? How about your strategy? Is there one? Are you flying by the seat of your pants or do you actually have a game plan? Yes, I know, these are a lot of questions that you hopefully know the answer to. If not, then you have a lot of work to do! Running a business is more than just about sales and marketing. If you remember my last blog on the Perfect Client Experience, I talked about how important going the extra mile for your client is. Not just the extra mile, but doing what is expected in a service environment. Make your client happy, and they will do the same in return (and make your pocketbook happy as well). This brings me to the topic of this Academy, Operations. Sales is important, and equally important is Marketing, but what about operations? If you’re flying by the seat of your pants, how can you be effective in running your business? Can you do more with less? What I mean by this is take a look at the history of ARRC Technology, our MSP. Once we implemented an operations process and got the right tools in place to help run the business, we were able to effectively run more efficient, and with less employees than we had before. All because of implementing ConnectWise. Then we became more efficient when we implemented our RMM tool. Once we put the DISC Behavioral Assessment testing in place, we now had a way of assessing employee’s behavioral tendencies and creating work environments that our staff would work the best in. Not only work environments, but how to keep our staff by properly motivating them. Now what about measurement? We’ve implemented dashboard analytics to keep track of everything from ticket counts to average time resolution for tickets.
With the proper tools in place, coupled with the right employees in the right work environment, a perfect company culture can be created that fosters creativity and innovation. I mean, I can talk until I’m blue in the face on all the advancements and processes we’ve implemented to increase productivity while still keeping cost down, but then I’d ruin the suspense for the session at the upcoming Academy! So, this has been your sneak peak at what to expect from our Operations Academy. If you’re serious about an overhaul of your business, then this is one Academy you’re not going to want to miss!