Stress in the workplace: we all have stress, what ways do you channel it?

Stress. We all have it.  Working in a fast-paced technology channel creates excitement, energy, and keeps you always on the go.  From developing new products to staying current on the latest in technology advancements to roadshows and conferences, life in the channel is non-stop.  One thing that doesn’t seem to be non-stop is our stress level.  There are many different ways to cope with stress inside and outside of work.  Let’s face it, we can’t avoid stress, but we can change how we cope and manage how we feel.


Take Care of Yourself

One of the easiest ways to deal with stress is to make sure that you are keeping yourself healthy. Exercise regularly – run on the treadmill, ride a bike, lift some weights.  Don’t think you have time?  Walk around the block on your lunch break.  Just do something to get your blood flowing for at least 30 minutes.

Eat Better

I know it’s hard for a lot of us to eat better with fast food and other unhealthy snacks that are seemingly more convenient, but your body AND your stress levels will thank you for it!  Try keeping healthy snacks in your desk.  Bring your own lunch instead of eating out.  When you’re hungry, eat!  Why go hungry all day when eating small meals throughout the day will help your metabolism and keep your energy levels up?

Get Some Sleep!

Stress can lead to insomnia which can cause more stress.  Take it easy and relax.  Get some rest and try to get into a pattern of sleeping.  The closer you get to a good night sleep, the better prepared you are to handle a stressful day.

Organize and Prioritize

Coming in early before anyone else is in the office and before the phones start ringing can help you focus on more daunting tasks.  Do your best not to multi task too much!  Set up calendar reminders to let you know when you need to be working on what task.  Make sure to take a break and clear your mind.  It will help you start fresh on a new project or give you a new start to a current project.

Breakdown large projects into tasks, this will make them easier to managed and not seem so overwhelming.  Understand that something may not go according to plan, so either create a Plan B, or be willing to take advice from the team and make a compromise.

Know Your Emotions

Lastly, it’s easier to handle stress when you recognize that you are stressed out.  Try not to take it out on others by taking a break, doing a little exercise, or something.  Your co-workers will thank you for it.  And don’t forget to get input from others.  Talk to your manager or peer about the constructive ways they deal with stress.  You may be surprised to hear what other people in your office do to deal with their stress!