We all know the curse of the MSP well – everyone does the same thing, boasts the same features, and promises the same level of service.  We’re all in the same ocean, sinking in a pathetically small boat, and each one of us is paddling desperately to the only life preserver within a 50 mile radius.

And clearly, this is a problem.

That life preserver will only float further and further away the more difficult it becomes to differentiate yourself from all those other pathetically small sinking boats.  Not that you and your boat are pathetic… more so the situation (insert awkward emoji here).

So when it comes to things like your incredibly painful elevator pitch or wonderfully challenging value proposition, how do you stand out from all those other MSPs trying to drag you down?  How do you make yourself look better than the competition without slinging mud, throwing rocks, and coming off as a complete…you know…?

Simple.  You address the elephant in the room, and you subtly poison everything everyone in the industry has ever been about.  You destroy the commodity that is Managed Services.

But how do you do this?  Here’s a quick example:

You offer Managed Services, right?  What’s involved with your offering specifically?

Well, let me say this first.  I get it.  IT Companies are hard to trust.  They say they’re flat-rate, but when it comes down to it, at the end of the month you’re nickel-and-dimed for every little thing.  And then, what’s worse is that they claim they have 24/7 support, but you can never manage to get the help you need when you need it.  But here at CharTec, we’re doing things a little differently, and if you’d like, I can set up a time with you to discuss those differences.

You see what we just did there?  We took not just one, but two features most MSPs claim to be really good at (but are usually problematic with the consumer) and justified typical consumer concerns.  We poisoned the competition ever so subtly (and made a friend in the process).

Then, we flipped it around and brought CharTec to the front of the line – but in a way that creates curiosity and makes the consumer actually want to hear more.  This also allows us to avoid pitching our value proposition too soon – because who really wants to give away the house on the first date?

So other than the obvious two benefits already mentioned, why else does addressing the elephant in the room work for a Managed Services company?  Well, because odds are, the person you’re speaking to has already come into contact with an IT Provider before – maybe even a handful.  These IT companies have probably promised everything and anything to them and, most likely, failed to deliver on those promises.  In other words, it’s safe to say the elephant in the room is in fact an elephant in the room.

When you bring it up, suddenly you’re the most trusted IT Company they’ve ever spoken to.  You are it.  The golden egg.  The last Google search for an IT Company they ever have to make.

Good for you.  Now go close that first appointment.


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