It is way past the time to embrace VOIP. VOIP is here to stay, it is not going away and if you are not incorporating it into your product offerings, it will affect your business. The FCC is currently reviewing the laws they place on the incumbent ILEC’s and their responsibility to provide POTS lines in rural areas and beyond. What that potentially means to you is lost revenue if you are not selling today’s technology. Software Advice, a VOIP and Telecommunications research and review firm compiled an infographic on the history of telephony, beginning with the first “analog electronic communication device” commonly known as the telephone. The telephone first transmitted a voice call in 1878. The first internet connection was established in 1969, between UCLA and Stanford. The first VOIP transmission occurred in 1974. Forty years later, in some circles, there is still a fear that exists about using VOIP. That fear is un-substantiated and potentially could be the demise of your business. Providing VOIP to your clients is no longer a choice, it is a necessity.

Look at your business 10 years ago. Look at your client’s business 10 years ago. History shows the trajectory of telephony is moving at record speeds. VOIP is here now and is going to continue to improve and enhance the way companies run their businesses. Including hard ware as a service (HAAS), software as a service (SAAS), back up data and recovery (BDR), malware and spyware are the basic offerings. VOIP must be one of those basic offerings too.