In my last blog I talked about how Jason gave an awesome breakout at the February Academy about what your DISC says about your car type, but how about we dive deeper and see how this relates to your ideal work environment. Now, I am no Certified Behavioral Analyst, however one of the great things about CharTec is they really take the time to get you to understand your DISC and what it means. So now that you know a High “I” should be driving a Mini, see how this relates into a working environment for a High “I.”

A Mini Cooper S is known as a fun, sporty car. Add a stick shift into the mix and you really have a well handling, quick and nimble car. According to Mini’s Site “Normal is Boring” and this is basically what a High “I” thinks. Mini owners are social by nature, there are Mini clubs, groups, and gatherings across the country. A High “I” is very social and thrives in social environments. Unique design and “Unlimited You-ificatiuon” is something you will find with Mini’s. This can be summed up in mobility, fun, some more fun, and being unique. Now let’s take a look at a High “I”. I just so happen to be a High “I” (95 to be exact), so let’s take a look at what my DISC says and how it relates to the Mini.

I am social, very social actually. Here are a few points for my ideal working environment according to my DISC assessment:

  • Freedom to try new approaches.
  • Freedom from control and detail.
  • Tasks involving motivated groups and establishing a network of contacts.
  • Work tasks that change from time to time.
  • Freedom of movement.

Now let’s compare it back to Mini:

  • “Invoking smiles and curiosity everywhere they go”
  • “Owners discovered just how much fun a Mini can be”
  • “…fun and nimble package came to symbolize independence and spontaneity”
  • “Everyone could have efficiency, fun, and freedom, motoring in a Mini”

According to my DISC, I see myself as enthusiastic, outgoing, and charming. Basically I need an ever changing environment where I can be free and change is welcome. I do not like constraints and I seek adventure and excitement.

Circling back to Jason’s breakout session, the Mini is the “perfect car” for the High “I” by matching the personality types and styles of the individual. Inadvertently I just sold myself on a Mini… looks like it’s time to trade in the Malibu for a Mini!